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Future proves past - Q. ED

Future proves past - Q. ED

I'm going to offer you a choice: Blind ignorance or 2020 vision? What's it to be? Punk.

I can prove everything by reference to facts.

Glenn Beck has been at the forefront of new media. His channel Blaze TV offers good, wholesome fare. You don't need to believe me, you need to watch it and decide.

Was Beck right? 100% borne out factually six months later.

He mapped out the Ukraine connection.

He mapped out the socialist, marxist, fabian, luciferian connection

He mapped out the agencies, the players and their agendas

He mapped out the process and how it works with concrete examples.

His conclusion: America would receive a dose of her own medicine via the Deep State Hydra.

He is a "real" journalist, tallying facts to truth and weaving a tapestry of events into a coherent whole.

Glenn told you in 2016 that if President Trump was elected, his last year in office would bring riots in way America has never experienced before. We’re living it now. Our new "Summer of Rage" — like in 1968 — is here, and we’re seeing truth be dangerously morphed to fit narratives only the radical left support. All Black Lives DO Matter. So, then, why isn’t the mainstream media calling for an END to this violence because so far, it’s resulted in the death of four black men and one biracial woman — including former St. Louis Police Captain David Dorns who was killed while attempting to protect a local pawn shop. This MUST end, and it begins with you: NEVER stop searching for the truth.

Future proves past.
Events spoken of in the past will be borne out in the present day.
This special from November 2019 is perfectly in sync with this weekend's events (June 1st , 2020). He lays out the people, network and overall goal of the plotters. We have the facts now.
Author in Source Title

"I tell you tonight unless America does its homework calmly, rationally... the Republic will perish"

Bold statements in November 2019 but perfectly clear following the events of recent days.

"If you want to hold on to that Republic that our founders gave us you must do your own homework"

This commentary alludes to the lack of depth in the intentionally lobotomised modern person, not a citizen, but a netizen, a captured fish in a web of lies pop pop popping bubbles of froth as it slowly suffocates in an ATHmosphere of deceit.

Like Beck, I had much higher aspirations for my people, the Irish (all of them, not just pink, pasty paddies) and the republic. Ireland is now a colony of American coporatism mixed with euro fascist low globalist secualism, belly crawling lizards at every junction.

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