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How does it all work - ask Q?

How does it all work - ask Q?

Some of you may think this is a game. Some of you may think that Trump is not a serious man (however ill-founded or dishonest is that belief). You think the "jokers" are only playing. That is your mistake, one which will dog you. 

Some of the scummiest of people are deeply invested in killing the man, his family and everything he stands for. 

Three presidents "die"(using the present tense) on July 4th. An american general also tweeted that people should not stand too close to Trump on July 4th (although I can't find that reference online now).

A third element was the plexi-glass enclosure surrounding the President. He doesn't use an enclosure during his rallies, even though people are only feet away. 

If you look at the body language, the smiles are thin. It looks like his lips are dry, his hands are tight to his side. As he ushers Melania away, he holds her hands a touch longer than needed and gives her a fumbled (parting) extra kiss. 

Around this time stories surfaced of ex Afghani snipers and people being transported into the country. There was the Russian sub fire (we think Putin is owed a medal from the US on that one),  plenty of allusions to "fireworks" on Google (one of the enemy's primary tools of disseminating information to their worker ants). Check Kelli Ann for more on that.

You will of course say that fireworks are part of the show and I'm reaching, that is fine.  Remember the date is known in advance.  The enemy controls the ground and installations on site. A duck-shoot on a very public stage, precisely what they want, showing their absolute power to the world. I'm sure his security detail were the most relieved people in DC when it was all done and they got to go home. 

The assassination threat is real and constant, (there were reports of a thwarted attack on Melania in Scotland - Serial Brain2 /LT). The focus on Trump is so high that many bad actors falsely believe that once he is out of the picture it will all "return to normal." It's nice that they think that, but for the sake of America and his own family, it would be nice for him to enjoy his laurels and grandchildren, rather than, the very American, death by conspiring assholes. 

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So the Q system, how does it work? 

Very simple. (this is not the posting site, this is an archive)

8Chan or "8kun" as it will now be known when it comes back up soon is the primary "drop" site for Q posts. 

Q posts a set of clues and "anons"(internet researchers) dig for the answers. This crowd-sourcing process is a great way of disseminating knowledge as all posts go to the boards where they get dissected again. The object thereafter is to move that knowledge off the boards and into the public domain, upskilling the public before the "avalanche" (massive amount of information) happens - due next week. 

Q+ is thought to be Trump himself 

You can find more on this topic by LT (Gunny Torres). LT takes the written form of Serial Brain2's decodes - and makes elegant videos from them. Other decoders do similar work, so you can mix and match ideas and perspectives.

For those of you who believe Trump is a fool, it will open your eyes quickly.  Remember he went to military school, builds very big, classy, buildings for wealthy people.  He is not afraid to be thought a fool, he relishes it and uses it to his advantage. He is a genius at getting free publicity for his stunts. Read the "art of the deal" for his insights into this tactic.

I said to a colleague at work that was mocking Trump about this topic that he might be misled, that Trump was in negotiations with Afghanistan about pulling out. I showed him an article from Newsweek on the topic and asked him to think of "green" as in drugs, money and the associated elements of trafficking. He was not into it, but I could see the rodent behind his eyes become a little afraid and unsure of itself, like a earthquake victim fumbling out of the dust and the aftershocks.

So what is Greenland?

"You know 45 is his signature right? Now what is this 334? If you know Afghanistan is the world largest producer of opium and supplier of cannabis link, this will be an easy ride. Read very carefully: Img7
Do you now see the extreme power of the Maestro saying: “NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION”?
He’s shutting down the Cabal’s main source of revenue and control and this is why all those involved at the lower levels of the pyramid are going CRAZY: Secret Societies, the Swamp, the Fake News, Wall Street launderers, Hollywood etc…"

Serial Brain will make little sense unless you have a quick look at Gematria (simple)...once you do, it will be come clearer.


I'd like to take you to this...

The media wants you to have that low IQ level goldfish type @Dim memory where you get upset and irritated easily while flicking through your channels on the remote. They want you buying the latest thing, and forgetting it soon after.

Here is a simple reverse sequence... *1164 16 Apr 2018 - 7:37:31 AM #Confirmed #Confirmed (posted yesterday) (posted yesterday)

It goes back to Obama. Q knew the precise sequence Hussein (Barrak Hussein Obama) Hilary Rodham Clinton, Brennan, Clapper in the loop using five eyes assets in the UK and Australia to circumvent the laws governing C_A spying on American nationals.

The Q threads are not heavy science fiction. They are clues to help you to dig. They exist on multiple levels. If you add in the valuable insights offered by SerialBrain 2, many twitter users and YouTube creators and follow the way Trump uses words, phrases and misspellings you'll get more info...

                                                                                                   If you want it.

Quick tip:  All of the White House channels can contain clues, as can Melania or Ivanka (they are both cool cats). Donald Jnr and Eric tend to be more direct. Dan Scavino and Brad Pascale are not usually part of the clue set.