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Jeffrey and the creatures from the pit - hellbound

Jeffrey and the creatures from the pit - hellbound

Some of you may get lost in traffic on the latest news, Jeffrey Epstein died.

You'll think it was just a simple hit to hide global sex trafficking to "elites." There's way more than that, oh vey. We're hardly shocked. In fact, if you judged the twitter responses there was a general expectation that this guy was getting whacked.  Why?

There are multiple Q threads of Jeff - (search Epstein). In fact he has so much dirt that it's hard to imagine he did it all on his own. Of course he didn't.

If you've any interest in the depth of this hole, take a quick look at the very much "amazing" Polly (below). She has done some excellent digging on this one, but so have many others including Corey's Digs (on a different track).

Depending on the angle you look from Jeffrey was nowhere near the brains of this operation. Surrounded on all sides by power players, he appeared the odd man out. His money appeared from nowhere, his billionaire credentials sketchy and his two "suicide"attempts even stranger. Jeff was the public face of pervert island, but it gets worse as you go down, it's a doorway to hell. 

The media tried to smear Trumpie by association. Tweet (8th Oct 2012)...remember Mar a Lago is in Palm Beach. The media spun the story in lots of interesting ways. In fact the spin cycle was worth watching on it's own merits, unending  hissing and squirming, like a barrel of snakes being kicked.

If you do any digging at all on this clown (Jeff), you'll find he is/was in the pocket of very different creatures, ones that have been pulling this type of stuff for longer than DJT has been alive. The idea that he was the creator of the cesspit of shit that hung around him is not credible. In his own way, he's another patsy.  The truth should not be buried as well as the corpse (although many hope it will...remember; "digital"communications)

"This goes so far beyond this one man."

You'll have to follow the threads to the island and join these some dots. You'll have to look at covert ops blackmail, israel/ mossad/cia, eugenics, gene manipulation, behavioral control, sex slaves, biological testing, mass murder and disposal of the remains, pedavoria and satanism. The israeli (covert ops) thing is popping up a little too often to avoid now, Hellywood, MSM, Epstein, Wexler, CFR, (Ghislaine) Maxwell, universities...and on, and on. It appears that Jeff and the crew were (and are) busy boys and girls in the fields of deception, manipulation and corruption (you might call him santa's little helper).

This is relevant (jeff was on their site but they took his pic down)...

to this...

I'll leave the final comment to amazing Polly (she has been doing a good series on old Jeff) ...