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Jen Gennai ...deny, deny, deny.

Jen Gennai  ...deny, deny, deny.
I thought I posted this here. Strange days. Still, reposting and updating...

The first thing they do in lawyer school is tell you (the crim) to get your story straight. The next thing they say is avoid incriminating yourself. In the event that you do, the third step is outright denial and then right to silence. The “never stop” denial is solid gold. This goes for big lies too. The bigger the lie the longer the denial, the more it begins to shape your rep.

Except in this case there were no lies; it was true, is true and will be true until enough people say stop it you lowlife scumbags.

They wiped this clown from the internet (after she accidently, didn't care, outed them).

Alphabet dropped the hammer on it’s own callout, like every other caught in the act corpo, the”don’t be evil” pontification salesmen (and "ladies") began doctoring the crime-scene. Caught in “flagrante delicto,” doing what all the people round here said they would, they hide the evidence, and fast.


The young lady said; (paraphrasing): We’ll disappear any information that we don’t like.  Hey presto! The interview itself disappears down the memory hole in 24 hours. Nice. A show and tell session. Faster than the Alex Jones one by a factor of seven, no less. Moore’s Law applied to obfuscation.

Today (July 27th) Ms. Gennai disappeared fro the internet. Dropped off the web faster than a mild does of the trots after a heavy nights drinking. A turd, my kingdom for a turd, but no turd is to be found anywhere. No Linkedin, no Twitter, shithouse scrubbed cleaner than that bleachbitted server we keep hearing about.

What I liked about the Project Veritas thing is that we’ve all known, for quite a while, that this is going on. We know the view counts have been altered, the goalposts moved,  the game sold out from under the participants, demonitization, three strikes and videos being deleted.

The sock-puppets keep saying we’re platforms, not publishers, while the other hand keeps pulling pieces off the board.

Author in Source Title

Ms. "Genuine" isn’t even interesting in the vast scheme of things, a footnote in the footnotes. 

A deluded Irish numbnut that should have been working in the Irish Times selling their own blend of gluten free parochial pfaff, not pontificating as the voice of “responsible innovation (AI)” or whatever she was called for big G. 

I know Ireland, I know these people very well. There are loads of them like this, truckloads of SJW stalwarts taking it to the man by being the man and then shitting on the regular people. Usually it’s a Sorcha, Ronawn, or some gaelickarse name attached to a social climbing jackeen, spalpeen or sleveen. Many will be applying for the now vacant role in big thick.

That’s not the point. Lowlifes will always be the lowlifes. They’re just the scum on the rim. They disappeared this particular one because despite the self importance and bombast, what she said was actually true and on point.

 They don’t care, they’ll do it (what they currently do) anyway was the motto. Who’s going to stop the “too big to fail” people? Not you. You’d love a job in booble, the status, the prestige, the irresponsible power.

This blousy, morally constipated, milksop. Yesterday she was spokesperson for the regime, today she’s hiding under a rock, cowering in a some makeshift bunker with the “smartphone”off. We, the people, suddenly became me the agoraphobic, plastic badge and gun discarded in the nearest bin.

That’s the nub of the story; yesterday this no account was dictating the 2020 US election to 300m people, today she’s hiding out in fuckin Ireland afraid to go to the shop for milk. 

Who granted this asshole that power?

Don’t worry, you’re in great company, Jen.

You’ll have a job in Dublin in a month, probably even a raise.  My blue buddies in Linkedin pulled the same trick; the week Microsoft bought the company it was selfie heaven. A few weeks later when it morphed into Fakebook lite and people complained, it was tumbledweebs.  Rolling around the floor, hiding under pseudonyms, claiming it all came from “the states.”  

These days they’re back doing the office selfies, but in fairness Limpedin is now “the” watercooler for lackeys and internpreneurs, faker than fakebook, if that is possible. It has had the same treatment the Guardian had after Snowden.  Linkedin so unselfconsciously lickspittle these days that they've given up the pretense of a rivalry with their blue doppelganger across the aisle…but I digress.

The only mistake here from ginnie from the blocked was rambling on about shite that was above her pay grade. She didn’t come up with that nonsense.  She was parroting it, like gossip, as she’s so often done before to like-minded self-serving party people playing the same game. 

It was virtue signalling to the wrong crowd. Wrong audience, self absorbed asshole. There was no malign intelligence there, no wit, just self promotion. It is the same self indulgent entitlement that you’d find on any university campus anywhere.

Watch and see,  she’ll be on Irish TV in a few weeks telling about how it was all a misrepresentation (and it is on so many levels), a few tears on “the goggle box,” a bit of ye olde victim performance after a soft question or two, a “didn’t you do well” summation from the indulgent host, “media catharsis.” The book tour will commence, from there on to afternoon cookery programs, the ultimate Irish semi-colon rehab spot, thereafter a handy spot in some tech company or local council where they can keep an eye on her in case it ever comes to trial.

Was I right? Of Course ... "Sting, Right Wing, Entrapment, Video Pulled, etc." (google P1results on my browser 23 Oct 2019)

So, for the record, check the video (if you can find it). Some of the quotes are solid gold – check amazing polly on YT for a solid review on related events. 

Postscript: this video became available again on other channels (I told you people archive stuff now) after initially being taken down by YT/Google/Alphabet. 

Project Veritas was also slandered repeatedly in that period underlining the cross media collusion involved. Project Veritas have exposed CNN this week. Pinterest a few weeks ago. Google called a swat team on Zack Vorheis who has also gone public. 

I’ve added a couple of screen shots too for you: Women can… Men can… (interesting in a SJW sort of way).