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Psyops and Digital Strategy - wrapped in a lie

Psyops and Digital Strategy - wrapped in a lie

For a long time, I've kept my head out of the psyops game. 

Not because it's not interesting, but because I had no skin invested. I'm not based in the US and they all just seem mildly irritating shitheads who are paid to plague the people. 

Don't lie down with dogs... is an old quote.

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Some of you may not know the story of Q or (Qanon), the combination of military intelligence and Donald Trump, esq. The game is currently afoot.

It is being played out in my back yard.  Sometimes you've got to look out that rear window and pick a side. Sides matter occasionally, especially when it concerns the nature of reality (or the reality of nature, if you prefer). 

It's a weird thing when Fox News, a billionaire and the US army are the "right side."

Maybe you don't play team sports. Take a look at your direct competition instead. This is a zero sum game - he wins or he dies. That takes balls, integrity and bit a of fukya.

Let's backtrack a little. Some of you may know three towers fell a long time ago. As a result your phone is tapped, you can't walk through airports without removing your shoes.  There has been a barrage of "privacy" rubbish dropped on the internet, all designed to protect my gullible little soul from suffering a fate worse than death, actual anonymity. 

Some element of you must want to be played. Your normal life is boring. You need some spice, gossip, to feel relevant. FaceBook and those other tools give you that sense of control, the voyeuristic pleasure. But, while you slurp your smoothie, it's changing you, manipulating, shaping, directing your attention and controlling your "affect." 

On a larger scale, it seems that the longer you live the lie, the more it grows in value thru nothing other than it's own size. Your avatar becomes you or you begin playing the role. People begin to normalize the new norms and forget the old. New people are born and they too add their little bit. 

So, how does slavery end in the digital age? Some people think it doesn't and they're betting a full house on it.

Some people think you're okay with being a digital serf in a world controlled by "smarter" elites. In fact you're voting for it.

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Whatever happened to skepticism? Is it really that hard to believe that lifer politicians are complete liars? Lobby groups don't work by spreading rainbows and sunshine. They purchase votes from your representative to represent them instead. They do that across the board, now and always. Money, politics, power. Deception.

If 6 corporations control your media, doesn't it stand to reason that controlling those six entities might be important? The same goes for the digital sphere. You have to be a willing accomplice, nobody is that stupid.

I travel quite a bit.  My business is using data to move people to buy things. I use Twitter. On Twitter I get lots of arabic accounts that "bulk follow" my accounts. Not one by one, but sometimes forty or fifty in a batch. Why would that be?

You've seen those huge accounts (Twitter), that have massive tweetcounts and seem to hunt in packs. They are automated bullshit distribution points. It's obvious, but why?

There is no Arab guy in a village somewhere building server stacks, all with the express purpose of ruining my day. If he (the bandaged baddie) wanted to do that he'd use them to run that fucking bitcoin shithousery instead. That really fucks white people up. Assholes would be coming two a penny to borrow money on a "sure thing," while babbling slitherbole about decentralized currency and "freedom from the man."

The simple objective is to drive a wedge between me (or you), the anglophile and what can be emoted as "the other." It's simple stuff. Someone posts horrific shit, you block them and that "blocktrace" leaves a residual feeling of disgust because you are both angry and active at once (a nice combination of mental and physical trigger). This then gets channeled into other accounts that look similar, and so on, until you're locked in. It's easy to see how my hate can be built, targeted and channeled by this game. Simple stuff. Simple Skinner.

Who watches the watchers? Up till recently it was a free for all. The head of the Army was in cahoots with some serious scumbags to rape the world. A giant territory grab by the CIA and the NSA and their collusionists in Congress and White House. Around the world lackeys, shills and third party beneficiaries like mercs and psyops numbnuts were picking up bumper overtime cheques. This has lead to a process of gradual decay in the American establishment. Years of them pushing the "right people" into the right roles has resulted in consistent action on a global scale, very little of it "good."

I don't want to cover the geo-politics, it's not my thing.

I want to cover the use of the internet to control your mind. That's a bit more my domain. You may know that FaceBook is closely connected to DARPA and is more likely a CIA shell. If you think not, investigate it a little. The info is out there. The way it is set up to sell you cuddly kittens and other people's lunches (literally looking jealously into another person's plate) to build up your reactivity is pretty plain. The cover story (you always need one of those) is that it's for commercial gain, but in this case it's not, it's a bit bigger. Complete control of a docile idiocy who think nothing more than sharing their location, morale, significant others and even children with a fairly dangerous collection of scumbags. They've lucked out on that one.

You should stop that pavlovian reflexive "liking" thing, where whatever rubbish is posted by a "celeb" is fawned upon by people wanting to piggy back the post. All that does is add to your stupidity score in the analytics engine. You're making yourself a pawn. Utter bullshit, but extremely useful in group manipulation. Controlling you by using your own duplicity and attention seeking. Nice little triangle.

Fellating your phone for likes in an atomised narcissistic world?

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Back to square one. One idea is that the internet can be a global information sharing platform. It can be, but it can also be a highly targeted weapon. So, considering the people in power in the US for the last while, Bush (1+2) Cheney, Rumsfeld (and crew), Bill and Hillary and Good olde Barack, do you imagine it's going to be kept open for your benefit? Do you imagine any of those people want you trawling thru their underwear drawer?

No. That's the answer. (give yourself a star or a like).

The trick to this Q stuff is to get eyes on them, the watchers. It's clever. Turning the telescope around 180°. I personally like that. 

Your first question should be who is talking? Who is the actor? Qui bono? Modus operandi? Relationship? Connections? Who are they repping?

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The little touch of smarts as opposed to the heavy shilling bombardment on all the social channels these days. 

Send us your docs, upload an image, bio scan your face, send us a sperm sample, prove it's that you can post cat pics? Of course! "Who's askin? should be your question, but it isn't.

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Take a look at the GDPR/GPDR (I don't know what the fuck it is, it's control oriented gobbledy gook in reality, giving enough scope to the "higher ups" to legitimise all types of "fuckyousim). I do know that the top tiers are not included (justice, law and military). Ask yourself; what value does it have when those were the forces doing the massive data trawl to begin with? If I'm already putting 5 pictures a day of me in various poses in different locations on FaceBook anyway, why am I paying this crew to protect my "privacy?"

What is the numerical value of this privacy? If they're policing it, it must exist, surely?

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The objective is to protect the data (from you) of those who don't want you to get it. I come from Ireland. We only send the asshole politicians or those escaping from a loss in the election cycle to Europe. 

How easy is it to buy one of those? I'd say easier than buying ham and cheese at the local deli.

Politicians have got to eat too.  Some have a money habit that matches their power habit. You gotta see how they become the purchased pawns in someone else's game. Unless you're very fuckin naive indeed.

Ever tried a Freedom of Information action? Tried to get info out of your local council or bent politician? Guess you haven't. They're only too happy to pull the shutters down on your acquisitive little fingers. Here's a quick tip...

More secrecy = more greedy assholes.

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What do I want? I want you to be skeptical. I want you to do your research. I could give you links, ideas connects and the whole pizza, but you're only going to open your mind if you walk the walk yourself. I can't give you the will. You've already got the way. It's in your hand. That machine they're using to sterilize your mind is also your salvation (how very binary:).

I think most of you know something is wrong. 

When ever anyone says something mildly controversial online, the chatter is of suiciding oneself, mysterious heart attacks, water boarding, rendition or disappearing.  Then the agressive trolls turn up, as if on cue. This is the kind of thing that would have been common during pograms, in East Germany during the forties and fifties, or in heavy Stalinism when control, poverty and a overwhelming state police operation would have made this the most likely humor of the day.

So why now...when you're all so free?

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I'm not a fan of globalists, international bankers or global corporations.  They're the same twisted vine. I like the planet (...and don't want to destroy it for nothing other than monkeys fighting over who gets to climb the last standing tree). Some of you are wedded to capitalism, even to the point that the biosphere corrupts. It's not even capitalism, it's what they tell you capitalism is, meaning they get to be rich, sedentary and powerful, you get to be stupid, but striving. Did you really come up with that dumb shit all on your own?

That is actually what we're playing for. The future of the planet. It's hardly small beans (or maybe it is).

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Ask yourself why does your online reach (access) keep declining? When Linkedin started a publishing tool it reached lots of people, same with Li-groups (run by self appointed mods). You could download people's emails, move the conversation out of the silo. The principle now is simple, you've got far less control and your feed is very tightly correlated junk (same as FB). What you talk about is a talking point you don't even know you've been given.  What you like is little more than what has been sanctioned for you to discuss. Your overall effectiveness in any sphere is constantly being diluted by the time wasting you do on that stoopidity related content. It works.

Making you're  just a liker of other peoples stuff (pre-suasively delivered from above wit lots of likes and comments already). Constant group think, approval seeking, keeping on the right side of any argument.  Is that what you signed up for initially? That doesn't apear to be networking, it appears to be command and control metrics. Nodding dog psychology.

I ask again: why if you're all so free and uninhibited in sharing your dinner and cat pics does nobody discuss the consistent tightening of the leash? The info is there alright (getting harder these days as it disappears more quickly down the memory hole).

It's actually not that difficult (note the use of cult:) to fuck people up with basic psych tools. Set the triggers, apply a little time and leave to simmer. Test A/B, go again.  PDCA.

My tips for you: You're not going to stay off Facebook. You're too habituatied to having it in your pocket. You're going to have some lippy response like STFU mudda, or some other unthinking knee jerk. Research, you won't bother with that either.

The (mobile phone) experience is too tactile. It's a drug. The screen is too small to read long paragraphs, it's great for images. You can't really write, but you can scroll. In short, you're made passive. Even the usage posture is bowed, listless and subordinate. Clever.

"First we shape tools, then they shape us" McLuhan.

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So, while it is in your pocket and you are scrolling through the non news and non events of other people take a moment to ask yourself why? Is this what you really want?

Think of those computers that play chess. They always beat the humans in time because they can crunch more data and the enviroment is controlled. You're being played in a very similar way.
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REF: Go look for yourself (take your head out of your phone).

Michael Gorman Apr 21, 2019 · #6

I recognize in your acerbic analysis of today's digital media environment, a kindred spirit. I don't happen to agree with you about the 'mind control' aspects, I am one of those people who considers the human mind to be vastly superior to any computer, or AI nonsense. As for the so-called CIA link with Facebook, I think it is overblown, and not as overt as people imagine. Of course you are going to get the intelligence community leveraging social media, after all we have over 3 billion users, distributed among them, and probably more than that in total; it is way too powerful to leave to the digital nomads.
But do you know what?

Social media and web-based independent media has kicked the collective arse of the old broadcast propaganda factories.

The 'digital divide' operates to hoodwink us all, we like to think we are all savvy, onto the game, sharp and aware - and the enormous power people have at their disposal is just taken for granted. People have the equivalent publishing power of any of the old publishing houses, they just don't know it!
Q-Anon, NSA is now in the hands of a different administration, the military saw the decay and criminal cynicism of the ruling 'elite' in the USA, in the U.K, that front man Obama, the consummate ideological trickster who appeared out of nowhere and donned the robes of the Messiah, and we all bought it for 5 minutes.
We might all be being taken on a huge deceptive ride, but this has been the case ever since some families got together outside their caves, and decided to become the ruling force among the neanderthals, politics is always a game of deception, and coercion!
Despite all of your gloomy analysis I say, the internet was never really intended for release to the public domain, it was never designed to provide a means for our digital slavery; they did not see it coming!

+1 +1
CityVP Manjit Apr 20, 2019 · #5

It is amazing that organizations that are most interested in the value of our individually aggregated data have greater means at establishing their own privacy. Axciom have for years been the company that most do not know that trade in our data. Unlike Cambridge Analytica, they continue to do their business without any public awareness and at the end of last year IPG saw this relatively "unknown" data analytics company be valued at $2 billion If only our individual privacy was worth that much also.

+1 +1

"You should stop that pavlovian reflexive "liking" thing, where whatever rubbish is posted by a "celeb" is fawned upon by people wanting to piggyback the post. All that does is add to your stupidity score in the analytics engine. "
"I ask again: why if you're all so free and uninhibited in sharing your dinner and cat pics does nobody discuss the consistent tightening of the leash? The info is there alright (getting harder these days as it disappears more quickly down the memory hole)."

Oh, boy. Oh boyohboyohboy. I can never understand why drooling baby or drooling doggie videos go wild with millions of views. We've lost it with the complacency bestowed upon us. Hihosey all tombstones are pre-prepared with "Here lies Complacent," with a dribble of surnames following.

Jerry Fletcher Apr 20, 2019 · #3

Don, You had me at "wrapped in a lie." My tired old eyes had difficulty with the final graphic but I get your point. Along the way I picked up some good habits. I don't tweet. I don't look at Instagram. The last time I posted anything on Facebook was a President or two ago. Anonymity has not been the result. Cookies and auto responders keep rearing their ugly heads. You may be right about the difficulty of escape. And so it goes.

John Rylance Apr 20, 2019 · #2

I think you have somehow fallen foul of the dark arts synops, in which case you won't have received this comment. You may need Mulder and Scully to resolve this.

Don Philpott☘️ Apr 20, 2019 · #1

No comments on this one - Dead Letter Drop.