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The algorithms made us do it - Artifice Intelligence

The algorithms made us do it - Artifice Intelligence

Let's start with the main premise: Schiff is not a smart device.


 I keep saying Facebook, Youtube and Twitter will cut off your reach. As in censor your voice + feed you nonsense. Am I correct? Of course. 

Youtube has been at the forefront of deplatforming, demonetising, demoting content they don't agree with. Main stream media has been doing it for years, dumping stories they don't want to run.  S&M is catching up.  It's called directed perspective or forced perspective. Movies perform a similar function.  Soon your social channels will be only "agreeable people," a pronouned collection of immigrant focused, trans athletes, climate hysterics, jabberwokies and intersectional "istaphobic phobophobes" who collectively want to trade cat pictures in their safe space #Blessed. Regular Joe is the new weird. 

The algorithm made me do it...

They keep saying that it is "algorithms." Well peeps, these algorithms seem to be a tad odd?

Previous posts on this: Jen Gennai the "machine fairness" wizard was building "fairness"(read unfairness) into the process. It seems they can hit a short term switch, doing very human subversion, as referenced by Steven Crowther in relation to Tulsi Gabbard.

"Shutting off Trump"... A constant refrain is that they need to shut down "Trump's racist, misogynistic idiocy" (you hear this from @dim quite often - a giveaway in itself) because it emboldens the "intensely stupid, deplorable, right wing, white supremacist, hick, racists who mistakenly support this orange billionaire simpleton" (google those terms if you think I'm joking).

That is not what they're doing. Rallies in the thousands, overflow bigger than crowds, people waiting in lines. Just compare it with any democratic candidate. The man is a 70 year old rock-star.  His team gets people's email addresses on site. Americans are proud and patriotic once again...

 No, what they're actually doing is closing you inside an echo chamber, inside a cocoon, inside a lie, till election season rolls around. It's a stalling tactic, even the sham impeachment, keeping you stupid... just long enough.

You might ask what does YouTube gain by censoring only one side of an argument. Have you ever heard the phrase; "as thick as thieves?" Sergey Brin is married to Anne Wojcicki, who is the sister of Susan, head of YouTube. You might be weirded out if I told you that there is a very sinister connection between 23&me (Anne), YouTube (Susan) and Google's data mining ability (Sergey+Larry), but we'll leave that alone for today. 

Dorsey and Williams we've already discussed (Twitter, Medium, Blogger).  Facebook is the spooks kingdom, it always was.

We've discussed Hoffmann and Gates and how closely they are tied to Epstein's human experiments. How is Richard Branson is so popular on Ln? You might gain an understanding if I told you his island is not far from Epstein. Neither is Johnny Depp (if you're adding things up).

Eric Schmidt (google, has already been outed as known deep state operative). You could throw a wet blanket over all of these people.   Zero degrees of separation.  They are an incestuous group (I use that term in multiple ways) of NWO globalist skanks. They all hope you will find out nothing about them, before it is too late. To these people you're cattle, not customers, clients, or whatever word you'd use to describe yourself.

You might be missing the third strand to this concept: what is a medium? What is multi media? Why is it so effective? What is deception? What is truth? 

What you don't see is that these people are puppets for the puppet masters in the back. Positions are aligned. Pedo-satanists, blood drinkers (sangs), molloch worshippers, freemasons, synagogue of satanists, drug dealers, sex traffickers, nazis, psychopaths, killers and their kin are all aligned in one direction...absolute darkness. One job of media is to shine a light. 

Anyone who thinks these fakes are interested in free speech is deluded, despite what they might parrot publicly. Zuck and Dorsey have given public assurances (direct to Trump, in person) that they are not intent in censoring content. Anyone who has kept an eye on social will tell you that is not so ...

Two of my recent posts have dealt with the fact that "elites"(fakes) are losing the information war so badly, they're hiring "disinformation experts": and the time to move from certain platforms is already here  consequent to the Socratic advice that it best to build the new, instead of fighting the old.

One of the most indicative parts of this circus is that the tech nerds are ultra quick to take your account, or post, down (within minutes), but slovenly in the extreme in re-addressing your followup queries. You might think they planned it.

What is next? Escalation.  They've got one objective  ... #2020 *freedom v tyranny

This week we've had a stark contrast:Trump "whistleblower" is a C_A agent with ties to Brennan, Biden, Schiff and the rest. At root, a partisan C_A hack. His lawyer is an equally luminous POS. The media are incensed that "the supposed" WB is "being outed" by members of the public. He is incredibly fearful to testify publicly, even though Schiff has been calling every dodgy hack in town to his basement shindig for weeks. Oh, and yes, "the American people" are getting updates thru selective leaks to selected "media." All completely above board: basement, leaks, nobody allowed see, anonymous source, Schiff already caught lying, Biden(s) connection already on tape, CrowdStrike kept hidden, Maiden massacre connections, regime change, orange revolution, Crimea, Kerry, McCain, Freeland, Nuland, Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, Soros, the list of shtbrds is endless. Amazing Polly did a nice intro piece on this exact topic: corruption in the Ukraine

 Trump wasn't even elected when it all started as a way of getting at Putin's Russia, closing the Bosporos, moving money around the gameboard and back into their own pockets. 

MSM not interested in any of that. They're selectively "outraged," apparently.

On the opposite side, CBS decide to fire the person who they thought was the leaker of the ABC Epstein cover-up tape. 

Result: Cross channel media silence one way (other than to slander and belittle Project Veritas as "not real journalists)."  "Orange man's son bad Outrage" the other way. 

Love that word, "outrage," it's great, signify outward (not us) righteous (go team) emotional (feel it baby) anger (payload), a suggestive priming peach. Saves dull copywriters hours of thesaurus time, I'd imagine.  ...notice how quickly they hushed the #Epstein story up again? Finding out stuff is BAAAA-D. "Four legs good, two legs bad...Two legs good, four legs bad."

  Playing two sides of one issue on the same day, in concert - cognitive dissidents (my phrase:)

This quote from Tiff Fitzhenry sums it up...

You can have your cake and eat it, it seems, in modern "journalism." Withhold criminal misdeeds, protect pedo-sadists, actively censor the name of Trump's (false) accuser (even though Drudge Report and Schiff published it and alternative media had the name and associations for months via Mike Cernovich and later Greg Rubini, Fool Nelson, Dr.Carroll Quigley ), leave Victoria Roberts dangling.  Po faced sanctimonious nose tweaking, while twerking about what a good prostitute you are for people who rape children. Shithaus shuffle. Orwellian

                                   The same partner that was quoting Comey and the WaPo, circle jerk anyone?

The media with one voice: conspiracy theory is now a conspiracy fact (they inadvertently proved it). Goose is freshly cooked, M'lud.

Just to clarify: C_A operative (anonymous) + (lowlife)  lawyer + (liar) Schiff  - A slow child could work it out in less than 1 minute.

One final thought. The only person who really would like the whistleblower dead is Schiff. Up till now the whistleblower has been 100% wrong about everything, so the question that needs answering is where exactly his faulty information came from? 

We'd all like to know that one. 

C_A says: "You always need a patsy!"  Take a bow Mr. #SchiffoBrain.

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Bill Barr speech on ethics, faith, values  -

Update (Nov 10th) Shocker!

And a quick thought to finish, a la Jerry Springer: Why would this guy block me? Unless he didn't. And somebody else did it for him...sneaky, very sneaky. Twitter clowns, I see you real clear. 

Got an app for that? I can see his stuff logged out, but once I log in as me he is blocked. Very clever, munchkins.

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Don Philpott☘️ Nov 10, 2019 · #2

..."just like in the hunger games movie which to me is the confession of intent to create that world next." Agreed @KevinBaker

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Kevin Baker Nov 10, 2019 · #1

The public internet is the new TV of the 50's. The real reason for anything is by direct design, to remain hidden regarding any important issue. The social movement is to give that little snuff of hope that things will get better, they do, shortly, just like in the hunger games movie which to me is the confession of intent to create that world next. Except one problem with that, we have been living the hunger games since the beginning of us.

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