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Dr. Michael Acurio: Caring Medical Professional

Dr. Michael Acurio is a medical professional who has worked as an orthopedic surgeon since 1991. He maintains an excellent reputation for his compassion and he has helped countless patients since beginning his career. Dr Michael Acurio has been practicing for decades, and he maintains affiliation with Willis Knighton Bossier Health Center and Specialists Hospital Shreveport.

Dr. Michael Acurio: Caring Medical Professional

Read Dr Michael Acurio Client's Reviews:

"Wonderful service and I loved my doctor and the nurse that helped me! The guy that instructed me on my boot was so sweet! Thank you so much!”

“Had a great experience! Took my mother in law in to have her tricky knee looked at! The doctor knew right away what was up! One of the best doctor’s visits I've had her at in months!!! Compassionate and caring very knowledgeable!!! Willing to sit and listen to everything she had to say!”

“This place is amazing. From the moment we walked in the door to the moment we left, the care we received was superior. Our son had a sports injury which resulted in a compound fracture to his right index finger. Every step of the process was in a timely manner.”

He’s also an avid scuba diver who enjoys stays in a small townhouse in the Florida Keys where he enjoys diving.

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