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Peter Mulhern: Expert in Total Hip Replacement

Peter Mulhern is an experienced general orthopedic surgeon previously based in Florida. He has been practicing and working in this area of medicine since 1988, when he completed his orthopedic residency at the Georgetown University Hospital. Dr. Mulhern has helped many patients with hip replacement surgery over the decades and has improved the lives of countless patients.

Peter Mulhern: Expert in Total Hip Replacement

Here’s how hip replacement surgery can help those dealing with joint pain and other hip injuries:

· No more pain.

Hip replacement surgery often takes away the sometimes-debilitating pain associated with hip joint damage. When the joint becomes so damaged and swollen that it can’t be healed or cured with normal methods, joint replacement surgery becomes the best option to relieve symptoms.

· Increased mobility.

With the lessening and disappearance of swelling and pain associated with arthritis and other chronic joint illnesses, as well as serious hip injuries, greater mobility is possible. Patients get the gift of being able to move around and live their life as they please.

· Lower risk of injury.

Once the hip is replaced with a sturdy, artificial hip, the risk of injury decreases over time. While some patients still experience pain after a hip replacement surgery, most can rest easy that they will be pain-free and injury-resistant for the rest of their lives. Peter Mulhern has helped many patients mitigate the risks of joint replacement surgery.

Peter Mulhern ensures that his patients know the risks and rewards of all joint replacement surgery and other treatments he recommends. He has helped patients get the best possible treatments for their specific ailments.Read in details about Dr Peter Mulhern at here:  https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Peter_Mulhern.html