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I Almost Stole a Kiss From a Passenger

I Almost Stole a Kiss From a Passenger

Why You Should Look Before You Kiss

One day driving in Santa Clara, I almost received a kiss from a total stranger.

Passengers occasionally get into the wrong rideshare car. It happens when the bars close, and everyone has had way too much to drink. Once I picked up a rider late one night, confirmed his name was Ryan, and realized after driving away his name was Brian. Needless to say, I received an irate call from the correct Lyft driver, who gave me a tongue lashing.

This situation was different, as the incident happened at 4:00 pm, at the Westfield Valley Fair Mall on Stevens Creek Blvd. I pulled my Toyota Prius to the back side of the mall, waiting for my next passenger, James, to come out. Many of my pickups are here, consisting mainly of employees, tourists on vacation, and fashionable locals.

Absorbed in my emails, I was killing a few minutes until my rider arrived. The sudden opening of my passenger door startled me, and three shopping bags dropped into the back seat. The front passenger door opened, and a baby blue Kate Spade purse appeared on my front seat. Fascinated, I watched as the items were unusual for a person named James. Who was this mystery shopper? I waited patiently to find out.

The owner in question was an attractive Asian girl, in her mid-to-late twenties. She dressed smartly, in a short black dress and heels, accentuating her long legs and athletic figure. She tucked her dark hair neatly in a ponytail and her makeup was flawless. Bright red lipstick completed the look, that of course matched her perfectly manicured nails.

The girl was both assertive and deliberate, as if she had gone through this procedure many times before. This confidence would quickly fade in the next few moments.

With eyes closed, she sat down in the passenger seat and leaned in my direction for a hello kiss. I sat there with an ear-to-ear smirk on my face, waiting to see if she would open her eyes. As she continued her forward motion, I just had to interrupt the amorous gesture.

“Hello, a ride for James?” I said in a very amused tone.

She abruptly stopped. We were staring at each a few inches apart, much too close for strangers who just met. It was pure comedy, at least for me.

The startled girl then went through two quick emotions, both extreme and animated. The first was confusion, obviously not recognizing the voice and face staring point-blank at her. I can only describe the second expression as terror. The blood drained from her face. Three shades of white. Casper the Ghost white.