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Are You Feeling Good?

Are You Feeling Good?Feeling good=Money

Feelin good=Health

Feeling good=Love

Feeling Godd=Creativity

Feeling Good=Flow

Feeling good is everything, every day, all the time. What makes you feel good, small or big, do, experience, put yourself in situations, environments, company, where you FEEL GOOD. Do only things that feel good. Whenever you are not feeling good, catch yourself, and stop, take a deep breath, and stop. Drop whatever you are doing that doesnt feel good. And choose what feels good. I know this sounds simplistic to us high achievers, to us drama lovers, to us hard workers, to us complicator lovers. Its hard, cos we cant fathom that just by feeling good, all else fits in place. We have had massive training, education, and might I say brainwashing that insists on the exact opposite. Work hard, if it gets hard, push harder, if you are at the edge of your strength push even more, how many heros in movies have you seen do just that? how much did you feel gratified that he/she succeeded, how proud you were of him/her, how much did you wish you could be just like that?

Brainwashing I say, in every aspect of the society, even in entertainment, work hard, push yourself till the edge, and then either die or succeed. I have gone through that. And I have had at least a few intense breakdowns when I realized that it wasnt worth it and that I dont want to live like this the life that I have left. NO. I wanna feel good, I wanna give this other story a chance, I wanna raise my vibration so high that all my dreams and desires flow into my lap effortlessly. and then I will do what I want and not what I have to. Lets all give it a go shall we? FEELING GOOD.


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