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Only the Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Only the Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Truth is my only guide. As for Socrates and Nietzsche. It is the only thing I am interested it. And anything that is tainted with even the slight untruth makes me want to hurl. This might not be attractive for all of you, whats’ more, it might repel a lot of people as it appears scary for the ones that are not radical truth lovers like me. And that’s fine and beautiful as well. We have people on this planet that we understand and who understand us and we have those who don’t and who gravitate to others. That’s exactly how its meant to be.

Why only truth – because anything other than truth is manipulation. And anything other than transparency is a lie. I will have none of those in my life and my work. Yes, this is radical, yes, its intense, but its honest and this honesty is my form of LOVE. Its honest and its generous, better said I am honest and I am generous, because I speak and believe the truth and because I share myself transparently. This is my strength, this is my power.

I will never use marketing and sales. Period. I will present myself, I will present my work and I will offer my products and services, but I will never sell. Offering is being present and speaking the truth, selling is manipulating. This self-disclosure came as a wake-up call to me as I am enrolled in a storytelling course that helps you connect with people and their hearts. I enrolled because I was under the impression that it will help me express myself even more truthfully and relevantly to the world. But, underneath it all, its manipulation and again its making me hurl. Here is why: It asks that we do market research and I want to hurl again. So I understand that that is against my truth – market research is a form of manipulation. Any market research and I will not be a part of it. I was in marketing, communication and branding for 20 years prior to becoming a coach and the only time it didn’t make me hurl was when I was working for humanitarian or educational organizations such as the UN and various universities. Why? Because I believe that helping people and educating people is good. Selling more products isn’t (some rare useful products yes, but the majority, no).

In addition besides market research it asks that we dive deep into the archetypes of our potential clients and to speak to their deep needs, wants, desires and fears and to TAILOR our stories like that so that we can seamlessly glide into their hearts. And this is where I stopped and my body wouldnt move forward, huge resistance came and said NO. I will never tailor my message to my clients, I will not adapt myself in order to get into people’s hearts – NO. This is not why I am here for. This is the most perverse and deep manipulation that can be. Knowing someone deeply and then using that to pitch my work to them. NO.

I will not do it this way, and I am ready to accept that if my business fails due to it, let it be. I will not do anything and go over my integrity and sell. Ever again. NO. What I will do is the following:

I will share who I am

I will share what I learn and how I learn it transparently

I will be generous with my knowledge

I will write in my language, not yours in order to appeal to you

I will not pinch your pain points ever so gently so that you feel called to work with me

I will tell you the truth and if that attracts you, so be it.

I will show you my transformation and that of my clients.

If you choose to work with me, it will be because you trust me and my word only.

And I will never betray that trust.

This is my new manifesto. My love is my truth and this is the only way I will interact with you. And this is how it will be from now on.


Dunja Radosavljevic is a 60 Minute Coach that helps revolutionary women business owners to breakthrough and release obstacles to up-leveing their business with love.

She teaches them to stand in their truth, while authentically integrating their feminine and masculine energies, to design the life and business they want, on their own terms.

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Dunja Radosavljevic 15/11/2016 · #3

Agree absolutely.#2

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Paul Frank Gilbert 15/11/2016 · #2

Truth. It is freeing. It is powerful. It can be ... harsh. As long as we remember that sometimes a truth is ours alone and not necessarily THE truth. Many so called truths have been disproven with time and knowledge and tools. That said your truths and how you are applying them to your business and the people you do business with ... absolute. Hope your business grows!!

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 15/11/2016 · #1

@Dunja Radosavljevic without wanting to you sell yourself very well. Selling is presenting something, an offering someone will be interested in. Selling is like a messenger giving information. We hope the message being delivered is truthful. The reality is , in my opinion, we are all salespeople on some level. Some are good, others not so good.Some are bad and some are manipulatively evil.
I enjoyed reading your thoughts as I have spent most of my career to date in sales at varying levels. As with everything in this world there is a flip side, and sometimes the truth and the lie, belie the truth; or sometimes even the truth based on information, experience, perception and expectations is a lie.
Excellent topic. Thanks so much for this post. Think I like you even more having read this 😊🤗