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Courses Which Can Confirm Lateral Entry In Merchant Navy

To pursue a career in Merchant Navy, you need to possess certain academic qualifications and that could be obtained through various courses as well as diploma degree.

Merchant Navy seems to be rewarding as well as profitable and this aspect attracts various individuals towards this career. There are certain courses, which ensure your eligibility into high end academy’s and training institutes which provide marine training.

It’s not at all compulsory that you cannot pursue navy career after 10th and 12th. Looking at various dimensions of this vocation you can create a niche for yourself even after undertaking various courses which will guarantee you a seat in marine academy.

There are ample opportunities in navy career and that is the most important reason that a degree as well as a course will ensure proper and worthwhile placements. You can easily get an occupation through various placement agencies and especially in cargo ships as there are more prospects available in comparison to ships, cruises, tankers etc.

There is a particular eligibility criterion for various courses available which includes:

GP Rating Course: It is mainly a sea training course which makes you trained and removes the initial fear of deep waters and sea. It can be undertaken for 6 months. You can pursue this course only if you have combination of science subjects in 10th standard especially mathematics which is considered to be compulsory asnavy career is associated with various technicalities.
There is an age limit for this course which cannot be extended beyond 25 years. It is imperative to understand that eyesight plays a very important role in this career. So before entering this field you should remember that either a course or a degree, your vision should be perfect that is 6/6 which also implies that there should be no vision glasses. Ultimatelythis course will equip you with roles and responsibilities on deck and engine.
Courses Which Can Confirm Lateral Entry In Merchant Navy

Diploma in Nautical Science: Diploma in nautical science colleges will offer you similar incentives and rewards as a degree course. You don’t need to confuse yourself with whether degree is more advantageous or diploma in terms of job opportunities. Both are fruitful as merchant navy is one such industry which pays more attention to skills and talent rather than degrees. There would be a number of people with degrees and high academic qualifications, but if there is no skill then a navy career would not be successful.

Therefore, GP rating course and diploma in nautical science colleges would ensure you right exposure required for merchant navy industry.

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