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Everything You Need To Know About The GP Rating Course

Everything You Need To Know About The GP Rating CourseThe onslaught of short-term merchant navy courses after 10th offered by several private and government institutions to make candidates more employable is a good sign since it signals the responsiveness of the education and learning industry to the needs of the job market. However, choosing the right course could be a challenge. Below we talk about the GP rating course, a leading short term course that prepares the youth for a life in the shipping industry early on in their careers.

What is the GP rating course?

The General Purpose Rating Course is a 6 month course that has been designed in answer to the needs of the shipping industry.

Is it one of approved merchant navy courses after 10th?

Yes, it has been approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Mumbai which comes under the Government of India.

What happens in the 6 month course?

The 6-month course is a pre-sea training program that equips the candidate with the skills required to serve as an engine or deck crew after joining as a Rating. The course enhances the skill set of ratings who are employed by shipping companies across the world.

Who are eligible for the course?

The eligibility criteria for admission to the course across institutions are uniform.

Educational qualification: All candidates applying for the GP course should have passed 10th standard with a minimum of 40% marks.

Age limit: The age of a candidate should be no less than 17 years 6 months and no more than 25 years at the time of enrollment.

Eyesight: All candidates must have a 6/6 vision. Candidates with spectacles cannot apply for this course.

What kind of employment can a candidate who has successfully passed the GP course find?

A candidate who has successfully completed the GP course can join as an Engine crew or a Deck crew.

How does a candidate prove that he/she is medically fit for the course?

In most cases, the candidate needs to produce a certificate of medical fitness issued by an entity authorized by Director General of Shipping.

Medical fitness includes completely sound eyesight and hearing as prescribed in the Amended Merchant Shipping (Medical Examination) Rules, 2000.

What is the career path of GP rating?

As said before, a successful GP rating candidate gets placed as a Deck Crew or an Engine Crew. After serving for a few more years, the candidate gets promoted as Bosum on Deck or as an AB Seaman. After three more years and with certain academic qualification, the candidate can write the second mate exam to get promoted as Second Officer, and finally Captain.

The GP rating course is one of the best short term courses today for anyone who wishes to get an early entry into the shipping industry.