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What Is Effective Content Marketing?

What Is Effective Content Marketing?

Here's the question: What is effective content marketing? 

The correct answer is: It's strategic marketing and business process focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

My experience using content marketing as a marketing channel

I advocate having a great content marketing strategy, it is the lifeblood of any digital media and PR campaign. You need it more than you think! With a great content marketing program, I have been able to extract 3.3 Million worth of marketing exposure in print and digital media using content marketing.

This enabled another discussion - Positive results lead to the ability to trim your paid media campaigning and redirect the budget to other marketing projects which would yield more ROI. Isn't that lean marketing?

Content Marketing is not a new concept

Here's the interesting fact, content marketing has been around for centuries. But now we have the capability of technology and research, which enables us to hone in on what our customers want and transfer 'knowledge' to our customers. It's not new, we just execute our content better - well we are supposed to.

The benefit of Content Marketing 

TRUST - It's a big word and marketers need to understand that we need to install trust into our ecosystem of operation. When you trust a brand you will buy what its selling and advocate to other members. Trust is a big part of selling a technical product or a product one will consume. Get this right and a meaningful relationship between your audience is created.

The importance of content

Without meaningful content, you have nothing for your Content Marketing Strategy to deliver! Think of content as thrust and your strategy as a route to market. Poor content = zero thrust. Superior content means creating meaningful discussions around why your brand or product demands your price for example. Think its that simple! Financial gurus take note:- Marketing is science and not a fluffy hack, something intangible so if your department presents budget spend on creating content, you'd better listen. It will pay off long term, trust me.

9-Point Plan for a Great Content Marketing Program

  • The power of storytelling.
  • Generating content ideas.
  • Planning a long-term Content Marketing Strategy.
  • Build a content creation framework.
  • Become an effective writer (or employ one).
  • Extent your content value through repurposing.
  • Promote content.
  • Analyse and measure your results.
  • Develop a growth marketing mentality.

Don't fall into this statistic trap

To create an effective content marketing program you'll need: 

  • Content marketing program.
  • Content marketing processes.
  • Content marketing pillar posts (website).
  • Content marketing in an Inbound Marketing framework.

Contact me, lets to start a discussion.

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