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Be the fittest or be the kindest?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world we live in

Nobody asked if you want to join.

Like it or not, you have to watch your back,

You have to be prepared for an attack.

You already got used to it, like a professional.

You have no claws, you are no animal,

You have no guns, you got no weapons.

But you have KPIs, targets and aspirations

And there’s the mechanism of natural selection,

There is no place for collaboration.

But just remember, dear modern citizen,

To live and thrive you need more than oxygen,

You need more than money and status.

So why not using your genius,

To create a better world, you see...

Being genuine and kind is free. 

Why not choose cooperation and compassion

Instead of egocentricity and competition?


Be the fittest or be the kindest?Photo taken in Eden Park, Albufeira, Portugal

You think it’s not rocket science? Well, you’re right. But just because an idea is simple, it’s not necessarily easy to follow.

Life in a corporation, or other workplace where human interaction is central, can generate anxiety and stress. Each of us has to deal with his/her own tasks, targets and problems, so it’s not always easy to find time and energy to help our colleagues with their problems. But everything becomes easier once we understand that “a little” can add up to “a lot”. Showing a little kindness and empathy it’s enough for people around us to become calmer and more in control of their emotions when facing challenges. But, be aware, only genuine compassion will do. Helping others and waiting for something in return it’s not compassion, it’s just a… good strategy (: 

Compassion can also give you confidence and help you deal with fears. Those are the seeds to innovation. 

So, be the kindest or be the fittest? 

Neither of them and both of them. 

being kind=being fit