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Reflecting on Things That Matter

Reflecting on Things That Matter

Let’s take a moment to reflect on ourselves. . . On a few things that matter. . .

What you think of yourself is more important than what others believe.

You can live without what everyone is dying to have. Priorities differ; respect yours.

There is no point in earning if you never spend them to live the way you want.

Be kind so you can feel good about yourself. One small act of kindness can brighten up someone’s day.

Don’t feel guilty about the things you did not do. You won’t go to hell for having a lot of unfinished to-do lists. Just learn to make fewer to-dos that really matters.

Keep loving, no matter in which form. Never stop.

Never lose your spark, originality or whatever you call it. Even if the world comes crashing down tomorrow, you will not feel guilty for living someone else’s life and go down happily(showing middle finger to the haters).

Be proud of your failed attempts. They will encourage you to be courageous.

Build an answer for who are you outside of work?

Be comfortable in your own skin while wanting to be better. Thrive to get more out of everything while being grateful for what you have.

Respect other’s perspectives. But give less bullshits to negative dramas.

Express yourself in any form you can. Write, speak, draw, sing, dance, swear…. in any damn way you feel like. Release the energy, the universe need more of you!

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