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Review: Investments ["From where money could come"]

"It is a good idea to accept capital of someone and restrict your growth vision?"

"Don`t even think that besides all the money you could receive and good intentions, you still remain your own boss."

You have began your business journey in a small office, but with clear vision and mission. You was so pasionate, you actually put your entire soul in and your start-up was the proper next step.

Probably it could be better to no ask for "Show Me The Money!" before to be aware that you actually lose the ownership. Yes, you could stay some CEO, Manager, or have any other high-level title, but in all cases you will have to report to someone.

Read about "angel investors and venture capital": http://fromentireworld.blogspot.com/2016/09/what-is-venture-capital-vc-be-aware-of.html

Review: Investments ["From where money could come"]