There is a government pact with the extraterrestrials

It seems a lie, but it is a hot reality, for decades there has been a dark, permissive pact of false trust with the aliens that visit Earth.

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This note belongs to Mystery TV and you have to enjoy it because it is the thought of the father of science Exopolitics: Dr. Alfred Lambremont Webre III who (also) honors me with his friendship for many years.

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Our planet is under a quarantine imposed by universal laws

In a conference for a prestigious magazine of Spain, a man related to the laws of the USA. I divulge some details about an extraterrestrial cooperation with a civilization of advanced beings and other hidden state purposes.

Meanwhile some people consider that the fact that extraterrestrial beings exist in some part of the cosmos is indisputable, there are other people who assure that beings are already aware of our presence and would even be walking among us, or existing within sub- hidden governments within the Earth.

Certain people who attest to the above have references of good prestige and have also occupied different environments related to space research, as well as for intelligence services.

These individuals have warned that the period of transformation between the years 2010 to 2020 will be of utmost importance for human civilization, because they let come to light a lot of conclusive evidence about the different advanced civilizations that have existed and continue to visit our planet . From his point of view, the earth is slowly taking steps for the full announcement about the aliens.

This is Alfred Webre, responsible for providing very important data on all these issues during an interview in a major Spanish magazine. The La Vanguardia portal. Webre is the international manager of the Space Cooperation Organization (ICIS) and he supports the protection of our species by trying to discourage the movement of nuclear weapons into space.

There is a government pact with the extraterrestrials

One of its main purposes is to completely change the economic war on earth and transform it into a more cooperative space age organization focused on the development of a civilization of democracy that can be linked seamlessly with an intergalactic team of very advanced beings.

With his mentality, Webre aims to help develop a new ideal model for human civilization, he mentioned in his interview.

I am 67 years old. I was born in a naval base in Florida during World War II. I live in Vancouver. I am a doctor of law and a judge in the Court of Justice of Kuala Lumpur for war crimes, I am married, I have a son and two stepdaughters. There is evidence that there are ethical civilizations much more advanced than ours, which also participate in our development process.

The vanguard:

Weber: affirmations of the employees of the government of the United States have pronounced their collaboration in hidden projects of relations with some extraterrestrial civilizations.

La Vanguardia: Does this symbolize that we have already contacted the aliens?

Webre: Yes, according to the witnesses, the US government has been working with them secretly since the 1950s. Andrew Basiago, the son of a CIA officer, enrolled at the age of seven in a secret program for the gifted children who were trained to be ambassadors for the extraterrestrial race.

La Vanguardia: Was there any kind of contact?

Webre: There has been a meeting with 3 astronauts from the planet Mars. In January 2009, CIA agent Virginia Olds corroborated that the CIA knows that there is a humanoid civilization that lives beneath the surface of Mars.

We speculate that in the year 9500 BC fragments of the supernova entered the solar system and ended with the ecology on Mars. The Martians are 1,500 years more ethically developed and technologically evolved than we humans, under the mantle underground.

In December 2008 a report was announced that included photographs taken by the robot from NASA Rover Spirit, in which you can identify certain species of humanoids, animals and structures on the surface of Mars. This can be seen on

La Vanguardia: There are three astronauts who claim to have seen extraterrestrial life.

Webre: Yes, Buzz Aldrin who traveled aboard Apollo 11, said that when they reached the moon in 1969, there were two huge extraterrestrial craft near the great crater, their version was verified by senior NASA employees.

La Vanguardia: I'm amazed.

Webre: Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Outreach Project, has gathered more than 500 testimonies of military, government and high-ranking intelligence that are testimony of the extraterrestrial presence and that were published in May 2009, in the National Club of Washington Press.

La Vanguardia: Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Peru have released their UFO records.

Webre: Lately, so did France, Sweden and Denmark, and the United Kingdom that brought to light 7,200 UFO files compiled by D155, a secret unit of the Ministry of Defense.

La Vanguardia: Why not popularize life on Mars?

Webre: Due to political issues. We will insert a problem invoking the freedom of information laws, so NASA accepts that intelligent life on Mars.

La Vanguardia: And the aliens, why do not they appear in humanity?

Webre: Our planet is one of a supreme low order that is under quarantine imposed by the government of the universe.

La Vanguardia: And when does this quarantine end?

Webre: We believe that ethical extraterrestrial civilizations have used the UFO phenomenon to acclimate their existence and that between 2010 and 2020 we can begin to have open relationships with these civilizations.

La Vanguardia: So the first contact will occur with the Martians?

Webre: Yes, because there are several mutual benefits, which can give us technologies and knowledge.

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