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Tentative First Contribution to Hive

Always a nail biting time when you first join a new social sharing platform.

Funnily enough I found BeBee looking for another social space Hiive - now known as Screenskills 

I hope that BeBee doesn't follow Hiive and just crash out everyone's work and connections.

Here is some fun buzz marketing.

Tentative First Contribution to Hive

Using a fly instead of a buzzing bee this is buzz marketing taken to another level - new heights indeed.

To promote their exhibition stand at the Franfurt Book Fair, Eichborn the publisher with the fly prepared 200 flies with an ultra light banner. The banner was attached with natural wax. After a short time the banner dropped off by itself. And the flies were not harmed.

The weight keeps the flies at a lower altitude and forces them to rest more often, which is a stroke of genius on the part of the marketing creatives: the flies end up at about eye level, and whenever a fly is forced to land and recover, the banner is clearly visible. What’s more, the zig-zagging of the fly naturally attracts the attention because of its rapid movement.

I discovered this amazing stunt whilst looking for inspiration to make corporate events more memorable and ideas to get audiences to react and remember product launches so that they would propagate the marketing message hopefully in such a way as it became free promotion in the way viral videos can serve a brand or product.

After extensive research I was delighted to have discovered some splendid ideas that would add enormous value to a product launch.  As well as the standard showtime singers and dancers with or without live music there is a huge wealth of talent of many many types of entertainers. So many that it became difficult to choose.

Depending on the target audience during a quick search on this entertainment booking platform I found  football skills performers (why are they not signed up to a club?), stilt walkers, fire eaters/stunts, acrobats, hoopla contortionists, circus acts, caricaturists and dozens of other unusual variety acts to book for events These speciality acts are cool and captivating and on the whole an affordable way to get a bigger bang for your marketing buck.

Buzz marketing is an entertaineing viral marketing technique that is focused on maximizing the word-of-mouth potential of a particular campaign or product, whether that is through conversations among consumers' family and friends or larger scale discussions on social media platforms. By getting consumers talking about their products and services, companies that employ buzz marketing hope to grow their awareness through the growth of online traffic and increase sales and profits. A buzz marketing example would be if a company decides to promote a product through some type of event centered around a show or stunt of some kind where consumers can try the product and are encouraged to share their experiences through everyday conversation or online. Another term for buzz marketing is astroturfing.