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Do You Feel in Control of Your Life?

Do You Feel in Control of Your Life?

(Below is an excerpt from the first chapter of my new book, Life Mastery: The Fully Functional Life)

Imagine yourself being a woman who is married, has two children, a career, and desires to serve others beyond her family. Her life is non-stop. 

When at work, she is the go-to person. It’s as if the team, department, or company she works for (or owns) can’t function without her. She seems to care more deeply what happens, and that what happens is done correctly, than the others with whom she works. So, she feels a heavy weight of responsibility to make sure things are done “right”.

At home, the story is very similar. The husband is lost without her organizational skills. Depending on their ages, the kids don’t realize just how chaotic their lives would be without all the work she does, much of it behind-the-scenes. Even when she is with the family, she feels the need to remind them about picking up their clothes, putting things away, getting to appointments, etc. The only times the rest of the family observe what it’s like without