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Is it Time for a Change in the Marriage Counseling Industry?

Is it Time for a Change in the Marriage Counseling Industry?

How Marriage Coaching is Different

Whereas, counseling is designed to help people feel better about themselves, coaching is designed to help people reach their goals. My question is; Why can’t couples have both? Marriage Coaching can help each person in the relationship understand what is important to themselves and to the other person. Then, tools can be used to help relationships become what both people want it to be; thereby creating happiness, fulfillment, and reaching their goals. You can have it all with the Marriage Coaching process!!!

Areas in Which Your Relationship May be Challenged

Premarital – Before entering into an engagement or marriage, it’s important for couples to understand key issues to compatibility, such as:
1) The core identity of themselves and the person they desire to marry. This is the stable part of each individual that requires certain needs be met in order to be happy. My experience is that most people have gotten so absorbed in the roles they play that they no longer know who they are in their core identity. This is why people can’t find happiness in themselves and are always looking for someone, or something, outside of themselves to find happiness. Your relationship will be on a strong foundation when both of you know your core identity and that of your mate.
2) The roles both individuals play in life and how those will possibly change after marriage or later on in the relationship. Unlike your core identity, the roles you play in life are fluid, ever-changing and need variety. As your relationship changes, so do your roles. This important to understand and another reason for knowing each others core identity.
3) Children – Are children in the future of the family? If so, how many? How will they be disciplined? Does religion enter the upbringing? How will the relationship between the couple change when children enter the picture?
4) Sex – Understanding and fulfilling each others need for sex and how that is best fulfilled is a major challenge for many couples as their relationship progresses.

When infidelity occurs, between 30-60% of marriages in the U.S. will experience it (Research of Buss & Shackelford), many emotions come into play. If you’ve experienced infidelity in your marriage and both partners want to preserve the marriage, suppose you could rem