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Turning the Creativity "Switch" Off and On

Turning the Creativity "Switch" Off and On

Your company is growing. You want to be the leader in the next phase of your industry. So, you bring together your team to brainstorm ideas on what that "next phase" could be. You ask them to bring their fresh ideas to the meeting. No judgement on their value. Any and all ideas are welcome.

The meeting doesn't go as well as you had hoped. Ideas aren't forthcoming. As the leader of your organization, you normally have a flow of ideas and those seem stifled, too. What could be the problem? You're not in the shower.

Yes, you read that right, you're not in the shower. What does that mean? Most people report that they recall things they've been trying to remember and solve previously unsolvable problems while in the shower. It's as if the memory, or answer to a problem, suddenly appear. They also say that many of their best ideas come to mind while showering. What causes this phenomenon?

Creativity, the Brain. the Mind, and the Science

Time in the shower is real "me" time. We're alone, the water is refreshing, our mind can drift to any place it wants to go. We feel safe. We're relaxed. It's during times when we're in this state that the parts of our brain that allow us to recall information and create new ideas works optimally. There are, in fact, nerves in our body for being "At-Ease".

When we're in a safe, relaxed state, the brain allows blood and naturally produced chemicals to flow freely to all its areas. This means that our thoughts and thinking are allowed to flow freely to go beyond surviving and into self-actualization, including creativity. You'll notice in the graph below that all other human needs must be met before achieving this safe state and creativity. Unfortunately, many company executives and managers create an unsafe environment...

You're About to Lose Your Job

How does that sentence make you feel? There's usually an immediate reaction of fear. worry, scarcity, and all the other sensations related to being unsafe. Many times, that's how your people feel, whether it's real or imagined. They won't tell you they feel that way, directly. They will fake their smiles and enthusiasm for the company to keep getting a paycheck until they find another job.

Now, their job may not be in jeopardy. However, if they discern that you're not being transparent, authentic, that they are being left 'in the dark'; that your company's official statement of culture is that your people are cared about, but the behaviors don't match the words; when leadership seems in disarray and gives the impression of incompetence, and so many other areas too vast to mention, their brains will go into, and stay, in Survival Mode. The only way their creativity will show up are in ways to keep their jobs, or find new ones.

So, when you ask your people to be creative and innovative, guess what you're going to get? Less than optimal results, to put it mildly. One of my favorite scenarios I've seen in companies is when a "Creativity Meeting" is called. It's as if someone believes creativity can be turned on, like a learned skill, such as math. Under most environments' meetings are held in, they actually are counterproductive for being creative. There is fear of being laughed at (even though every idea is supposed to be welcomed). There is the stress of trying to become creative. There is the pressure of wanting to please the boss. etc.

So, the question is; Is there a way to help you and your people go into "The Zone", the state where all feel safe and the brain and mind are allowed to flow freely with creativity at any time it's needed, even in a meeting setting? Yes!

This isn't Mindfulness or Meditation. Though, those are helpful tools. This is a proprietary process called Dynamic Visualization. Dynamic Visualization can be programmed to become active whenever a person needs resources, such as creativity. You might wonder, what does he mean by "Programmed"?

We've all been programmed from the time we were born. Did you know that the only two fears we're born with are fear of heights and fear of loud sounds? Every other fear has been programmed, learned.

Think about a song that makes you sad. Now, think about a song that makes you happy. There are circumstances surrounding those songs that caused those feelings to be programmed in you, which you may be totally unaware of.

Advertisers are constantly trying to program you to buy their product or service through various marketing techniques. That programming takes place without your intention or your control.

Now, imagine being able to intentionally program your mind for beneficial purposes, such as having creativity, confidence, certainty, power, focus, and so much more! That's what Dynamic Visualization can do!

So, if you're looking for the answer to having you and your people to become more creative, I'm only a phone call or email away! Or, maybe you can think of a more creative way to get in touch with me...

ed@trans-think.com or 972.900.9207

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Jerry Fletcher May 18, 2019 · #3

Ed, As usual, great observations and advice. As a reader of way too much science fiction as a youth I always add air to breathe to the physiological aspects of Maslow's pyramid. Having extensive experience in the advertising industry I've been exposed to many people that can turn creativity on and off. The best team members seem to have difficulty finding the off switch unless they can find time alone. And so it goes.

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Edward Lewellen May 18, 2019 · #2

#1 Thank you for your wonderful comment, mt dear friend!

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Dynamic Visualization is a technique that I learned about while reading the second book you authored my friend @Edward Lewellen. It is a powerful technique. It applies to me because because almost every creative idea that I came up with was in the state of flow with my mind fully relaxed. Yes, creativity can't be programmed as it emerges only when we are on top of the Maslow Pyramid. I agree with you fully.

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