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When You Change, Your World Changes

When You Change, Your World Changes

The most recent graduate from my 30-day program is a CEO of a Financial Services company.  He was feeling overly stressed and anxious because of money, his teenage kids, and all the things that go with divorce.  His company is doing well, but he wants to grow it substantially in 2019.

Because of the events in his life, he had become overly demanding and impatient with his kids, his employees, and even his strategic partners and prospects.  After just the first two sessions he started to see a difference in himself.  The first sign of change he observed was becoming patient with those around him.  Most importantly to him, with his kids.  Because he had changed, the way he treated them changed.  They began asking, "Dad, what's made you different?"  Let me give you an example.

His teenage daughter loves chocolate.  One evening, after a long day at work, my client saw her eating out of a large bag of chocolates.  His first reaction, and what had been typical in the past, was to grab the bag from her and tell her she couldn't have any more.  Instead, he looked at her and said, "You have a whole bag of chocolates.  I trust you to eat just a little", and he walked away.  His new reaction was so shocking to his daughter that she had a hard time believing that was her dad!  Their relationship has transformed to become much closer, with love and mutual respect. 

His son has experienced similar events.

In regards to his company, the closing ratio is already increasing.  For his part, because of some of the exercises I took him through, he's spending less time with people who aren't a good fit for his company. He now quickly identifies who to invest time with, whether those people are potential employees, partners, or prospects.  His level of patience and understanding have risen so that the time he invests in relationships yields dividends. 

This client has retained my services for the remainder of the year and he has a solid plan for doubling his business in 2019!

How was this, and much more, accomplished in just 30 days? 

Our outside world is created from our inner reality; the story we tell ourselves about who we are, who we can be (and not be), what we do, what we can have (and not have) are all created in our mind.  So, when we change, our world changes.

How would you design your life to be different?  Let's chat today!


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It is amazing how words reflect the inner of us. Troubled people use troubled words as well. The troubled man changed his words from giving orders such as do and don't to ""You have a whole bag of chocolates. I trust you to eat just a little". This is a great example my dear @Edward Lewellen. He trusted his daughter and stopped ordering her. By trusting her he made her responsible for her acts and be self-managing.
The effect extended to work and he started to look for advice from enabling people rather than giving orders and angering them.
Yes, when we change internally, we change others with trust and affection.

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