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Pain management: modern methods of pain relief

Pain management: modern methods of pain relief

In the last decade, a new independent direction in medical science has been actively developing, which is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and pathological pain. Pain feeling is familiar to every person. Pain management is a science, the main task of which is to learn and understand the concept of pain itself. It can answer to some questions, e.g. do I need to endure pain and if so, to what extent? How to deal with long-lasting, chronic or sharp pain? Of course, if pain arose for the first time, most likely, that it will disappear without medical interference. If pain is episodic, rarely occurs and associated with physical or mental stress — this is also easily fixable. Conventional analgesics can easily to deal with a lot types of pain syndromes. Such cases do not require any serious interventions or expert advice. But if pain becomes regular, long-lasting or on the contrary, dramatically changes its character, it is necessary to consider the methods of pain therapy and pain relief. In many cases, timely usage of pain management methods and procedures of treating pain can significantly reduce the severity of pain.

Pain relief is needed:

  • during operations and in the immediate postoperative period;

  • to ease a variety of diseases, chronic pain;

  • during cosmetology and medical aesthetic procedures.

The purpose of topical anesthetics in creams

Anesthetic cream for skin is one of the most popular types of anesthesia for any skin treatment or in order to numb skin in some areas among cosmetologists, tattoo artists and medical specialists all over the world. It causes local loss of sensitivity and feeling of pain. Cream to numb skin exists for a purpose of suppressing the sensitivity of nerve endings. Such creams act in a direct contact with human skin by absorbing through the pores of the epithelium. After applying to the skin area, a feeling of numbness can occur from a few minutes to couple of hours.

The quality anesthetic cream for skin:

  • easy and quick to apply;

  • do not provoke severe allergic reactions;

  • easy absorbed into the skin;

  • provides effective anesthesia;

  • ensures long term action;

  • large depth of penetration.