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Trekking Huayhuash Climb Diablo Mudo (5350 m) & Climbing Nevado Vallunaraju (5686 m)

Peru: Trekking Huayhuash Climb Nevado Diablo Mudo (5350 m) & Climbing Nevado Vallunaraju (5686 m)

The Cordillera Huayhuash (Huayhuash Range): The Huayhuash Range is the second highest tropical mountain chain in the world, after the Cordillera Blanca (White Range), immediately to the north. Even though it is located 120 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, the crest forms part of the Continental Divide of South America; the waters of the eastern slope flow to the Marañon River, a principal tributary of the Amazon.

Running from north to south, the main zone that has some twenty summits within about 25 km, with a secondary mountain change of summits of lower elevation toward the west that is about 15 km long. Six of the peaks are higher than 6,000 meters. Among the peaks, Yerupajá (6,617 m) stands out - it is the second highest mountain in Peru (after Huascarán, at 6,768 m.) Also of note is Siula Grande (6,344 m), which achieved fame through the book and subsequent film “Tocando el Vacio“ (Touching the Void) by mountaineer Joe Simpson.

This area also hosts dozens of glacial lakes of incomparable beauty. The closest towns are Chiquián (3,400 m) and Cajatambo (3,375 m)

Vallunaraju Peak: The high peak of North Vallunaraju, 5,686 meters, is close enough to Huaraz to do a summit trek in two days via a moderate climb. Setting out for this peak, it’s possible to see other peaks of the northern part of the Cordillera Blanca, including Oxshapalca (5,881 m) and Ranrapalca (6,262 m). Vallunaraju faces the city of Huaraz, and from the summit you can see Huaraz and the Callejón de Huaylas (central area of the valley between the Cordilleras Blanca and Negra.) Between these two summits there are 5 routes; we will follow the route of the first ascent 1949. It is also good place for ski mountaineering.


Day 1: Flight to Lima. Lodging in the hotel
Day 2: Travel by bus to Huaraz (3100 m) - 400 km/approximately 8 hours
Day 3: Huaraz - Trekking to Laguna 69 (4450 m) - Huaraz 
Day 4: Huaraz - Transfer Cordillera Huayhuash - Camp Matacancha (4150 m) 
Day 5: Matacancha - Trekking to Cacanampunta (4700 m) - Laguna Mitococha (4300m)
Day 6: Mitucocha - Trekking to Punta Carhuac Pass (4640 m) - Laguna Carhuacocha (4200 m)
Day 7: Carhuacocha - Trekking to Siula Pass (4950 m) / Laguna Quesillococha – Huayhuash (4450 m)
Day 8: Huayhuash - Trekking to the village of Portachuelo de Huayhuash – Laguna Viconga / Hot Springs (4400 m) 
Day 9: Laguna Viconga - Trekking to Punta Cuyoc Pass (5020 m) - Huanacpatay (4350 m)
Day 10: Huanacpatay - Trekking Village of Huayllapa (3600 m) - Huatiac (4290 m) 
Day 11: Huatiac - Trekking to Punta Tapush (4800 m) - Cashpapampa (4500 m)
Day 12: Cashgapampa - Trekking to Llaucha Pass (4750 m) - Laguna Jahuacocha (4066 m), Optional: Climb Diablo Mudo (5350 m)
Day 13: Rest Day at Jahuacocha Lake. Optional: Trekking to the Berlin Mountain overlook (5,094 m) or to Sambuya/Rondoy Pass (4,750 m) or to Solteracocha Lake
Day 14: Jahuacocha - Trekking to Jahuapunta Pass (4650 m) - Village of Pocpa (3600 m); Transfer to Huaraz 
Day 15: Rest Day in Huaraz - Optional: Rock climbing at the walls of Chancos
Day 16: Huaraz - Transfer Quebrada Llaca - Moraine Camp (4900 m)
Day 17: Moraine Camp - Summit of Nevado Vallunaraju (5686 m) - Moraine Camp - Transfer to a Huaraz 
Day 18: Transfer to the Anta Airport and 50 minute flight to Lima - transfer to the hotel 
Day 19: Stay in Lima, transfer to the airport
Day 20: Arrival to Europe or your country of origin




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