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Apply The 80/20 Rule To Your Content Marketing

I stand before you a changed man, one who has been humbled.

One of my most respected mentors [who I have never met in person or spoke with via phone or email is Neil Patel. I have been following Neil for sometime, watching his videos and reading his blog posts.

While not as flamboyant as Grant Cardone or Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil nonetheless brings to the global business world and his community incredible insights and detailed, actionable value.

Apply The 80/20 Rule To Your Content Marketing

What Neil Said That Shifted My Content Strategy

Creating content is the 20. Distributing the content, getting it seen by as many people as possible, is the 80.

While I knew that I had to take great efforts to drive traffic to my content, I was still operating on the 50/50 rule. And even when I was preaching this ratio, I was still discovering that most small businesses, that do any content creation, spend maybe 10% of their efforts to get their content in front of their target audiences.

Content Marketing Is About Order Of Magnitude

While I'm not a math expert, there is one concept I do understand: Order Of Magnitude.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines Order Of Magnitude as, "used for measuring something in which each level is ten times larger than the one before."

While the 80/20 rule does not exactly fit this definition exactly, it fits the concept of how much more effort is required to get you