Edwin Dearborn in Network Marketing, Networking, Marketing Co-Founder • Green Dragon Communications Nov 3, 2017 · 1 min read · +200

Connect Marketing: The Next Evolution In Network Marketing

Connect Marketing is the fresh and much needed evolution for the stale world of network marketing.

Connect Marketing is a term I coined to re-brand and elevate the ethos of a business model which has worn out its welcome mat with too many Americans.

Connect Marketing: The Next Evolution In Network Marketing

Our World Has Changed Much, But Network Marketing Has Lagged

Our world and how we connect with people has dramatically changed since the broad usage and acceptance of social media. Accordingly, how we conduct business must also change to meet those changes in technology and consumer expectations.

The purpose of Connect Marketing is to entrust products and services with the most powerful means of building a great business: by creating and serving individuals and communities around partnerships, trust, and mutual support.

Social media, as well as traditional methods of connecting with like-minded individuals, opens a wide door to serving many more people with their most important challenges and goals in life.

The Core Belief

The core belief and practice of Connect Marketing is to elevate the quality of life for people, by serving them through ethical products and services. Through social media and other proven business development strategies, we can now accomplish our business goals at a level that we have never seen before in history.

Hence why Connect Marketing is a new way to leverage technology and social platforms to build and serve communities through individual support and ethical business models.

By connecting with people through educational content and testimonials, we can become sources of insight and life-changing information. This then positions each of our members, within their own geographical and digital communities, as trusted sources of help.

Connect Marketing also has an additional purpose: to elevate our members to be viewed as thought leaders within their respective communities and circles. Thought leaders who serve others how to live better lives through ethical products and services.

Connect Marketing not use cliches, push marketing, or use high pressure sales techniques to get people to join or buy from us. Rather, we connect with our communities so as to serve individuals to live better lives with a purpose-driven business model.