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How I'm Creating More Opportunities In Business, Despite The Pandemic

How I'm Creating More Opportunities In Business, Despite The Pandemic

I have MORE opportunities coming to me right now. Yes, while the world is seemingly falling apart on a global scale.

These opportunities are keeping good people at their existing jobs, as well as creating new jobs. 

This is more important than ever in our history.

As a Board Member of ROMTech, the State of Connecticut has deemed our manufacturing facility as an “Essential Business” because of the telemedicine solutions that we are creating for the world. This is keeping 90 people employed. 

Our new online business models are creating new jobs for content creators and web designers. Moreover, our new “Content Hub” business models will generate new customers for our clients, helping them to remain in business during economic challenges. 

How Is This Possible?

Raised by a decorated U.S. Marine, I was raised with a strong work-ethic and personal sense of discipline. It made me a tougher, better person. 

Here are my keys to my recent success:

  • I'm not freaking out. I don't allow my Lizard Brain or the herd mentality to dictate my mindset or long-term strategies. I refuse to surrender my beliefs.
  • I"m promoting like there's no tomorrow. Content, videos, email, social media, phone calls, etc. I’m reaching out all day long, and into the evening. So far, I have mad connections from all over the US, as well as in England, Colombia, and South Africa.
  • I'm always asking myself, "How can I offer more value to those around me?"
  • I'm reaching out and helping more people. I’m spending real time with them - until they feel better and proactive.
  • I'm seeing where the business trends are going. Based on that, I’m building new online businesses, as well as innovating strategies for those brands which I already serve. I'm am willing to change how I do business, as well as reach into new sectors never before attempted. I know I have to adapt rapidly.
  • I'm exercising and eating right. This helps to boost my morale, as well as my immunity system.
  • I'm going to bed early. Good rest is so vital right now.
  • I'm educating myself with online courses, books, and YouTube videos on vital business and life-saving skills. I spend hours on this everyday.

Let me know how I can help.