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How To Convert More Of Your Leads Into New Customers

The most important business process is how to attract and retain new customers. Without a steady stream of customers, who remain loyal and bring referrals, your business will struggle.

I personally know too many professionals, who offer great services and products, who barely remain solvent due to the fact that they have not mastered the processes and know-how of marketing and sales.

How To Convert More Of Your Leads Into New Customers

7 Key Strategies On How To Generate More Customers

1. Fish where the big fish are

Even if you offer the most technically advanced fishing equipment, you’ll leave empty handed if there are no fish in the lake. But if you just have a simple net, and the lake is teeming with fish, your chances of a catch are much greater. Where you cast your line is crucial to catching fish … and the same is also true in business. Successful businesses fish where the big fish are. They talk to customers who are familiar with their product or service, or already use it, or have a high probability of using it. Don’t waste your time trying to convince people who don’t need your product or service when there are customers out there who already know they need what you’re selling … and are thus part-sold before they even see you.

2. Educate by giving reasons why

You’re continuously striving in business to move people first to desire and then to buy your product or service, again and again. For most people, the missing link in this process is to provide your buyers with a complete understanding of the reasons why you do what you do, why you sell what you sell, why your product or service is better than others, why they should act, and why they’ll be disadvantaged if they don’t. The more you help your buyers to understand the tangible, compelling reasons - through great content - why they should take action, the more powerful your positioning, the more people will understand the value and benefits you’re offering, the more they will trust, and the more comfortable they feel with what you