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How To Easily Skyrocket Your Link Building

How To Easily Skyrocket Your Link Building

Links. It's one of the biggest factors to Google's rankings. If you have a lot of links, it's easier to rank. If you have very few links, it's really hard to rank high. The problem with the link building is that it is so time-consuming. And most people don't want to do expend that amount of time and effort.

If you think about link building, your biggest challenge concerns outreach. That's the most manual part of link building - you must reach out to sites and convince them to link back to you. That's the part I'm going to teach you how to automate in this article.

Tip No. 1: Check out Dux-Soup

If you're active on LinkedIn, Dux-Soup will allow you to visit a ton of people's profiles within your space or related category. As you create many more views to your profile, a lot of people will begin to send a friend request, trying to connect with you. As you connect with them, you can now use Dux-Soup to send automated mass messages.

When you're building all of these connections and you're sending automated mass messages -especially to other people within your industry - you can send them messages to try to get links.

If you don't want to get links, you can at least get social shares by asking these people to share your content on LinkedIn.

It's a really super simple way to get more LinkedIn traffic. Because as you get more LinkedIn traffic and more social traffic, what happens?

More people see your content! This generates links, shares, traffic and new leads.

The more people that see your content the more likely you are to generate a link and some new business. Of course, I still prefer asking them for a link directly but if you don't want to do that, at least ask them for a social share on LinkedIn.

Tip No. 2:  Use ScrapeBox

ScrapeBox will scrape Google for all the relevant sites within your space. Let's say you just created an infographic about web design. You can use ScrapeBox to find all the websites that talk about web design. From there you now have a list of sites that you could be doing outreach to so o generate some links and social shares for you.

Tip No. 3: Use FindThatLead

When you use FindThatLead, it will tell you the contact information for all of those domains you just scraped with ScrapeBox. Because you don't want to have to go in each one of those sites and manually find their email address, you want to do it in a automatic way.

FindThatLead will give you that information so that way you can start mass messaging people to build more links.

Tip No. 4: Use Mixmax or Mailshake

These two systems will allow you to do mass emails to all those people that you just scraped. Because you already have their domains, that was the second tip, you already have their contact information, that was their third tip and the last step is emailing all those people.

You can now reach out to them with email by using Mailshake or Mixmax.

The cool part about these tools is that if someone doesn't respond when you message them out, you can send follow-up emails and schedule them if they didn't respond. You can even set up auto-responders in sequences.

This makes it really simple so that way you're engaging people with the least amount of human effort and building the most amount of backlinks.

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Great advice, Edwin.

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Some great points.