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How To Grow Your Online Influence in 2018

Growing your online influence will lead to more powerful connections, highly-qualified customers, and revenue. 

The question becomes "How?"

How To Grow Your Online Influence in 2018

Three Growth Strategies You Can Launch Today

1. Grow your connections.

Increasing the size of the people you can reach is step one. You need to grow your followers and most importantly, your email database. I am amazed at how few people I consult possess an email database and use it routinely. For me, email has been the backbone of my success in digital marketing.

Are you connecting with more people on LinkedIn? When you do, you can find their email address and import it. Moreover, you can reach out to them directly through their messaging platform. 

Are you importing those business cards into your database? Sending them your content will keep you at top-of-mind.

Now, take those online connections and move them over to a webinar, Skype call or a face-to-face meeting. Offer a discovery call or a free consultation. Move those connections into a presentation. Then ask for business.

2. Grow your I.Q. And Skill Sets

What you know is just as critical as who you know. If you show up and meet someone important, you better bring some real value, insight, and the ability to deliver an exact result. 

Top CEO's read dozens of books per year. They know that to stay at the top of their game requires that they consistently learn. If you do not like to read, then there are plenty of the other options to learning - webinars, podcasts, courses, mentorship programs, and conventions. 

You should spend one hour per day growing your I.Q. and skill sets. 

3. Grow your library of branded content.

Branded content is the best method to demonstrate your I.Q and skill sets to your ever-growing circle of connections. The word Authority is derived from the word Author. Merriam-Webster defines author as, "one that originates or creates something: source." 

By originating and creating a book, eBook, podcast, YouTube video, a Facebook Live series, webinar, or whatever you desire to create --- you are authoring branded content. 

When you author and distribute your branded content which demonstrates your acumen and skill sets, you build your authority and your influence in the minds of others. 

As a result, you will attract better connections, clientele, speaking engagements, and referrals. You will generate more revenue. 

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Your brevity is great