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The Next Trend With Online Technology: Providing Total Security, Functionality

As we all are aware of, the online consumer relies on modern technologies to help him or her to perform their daily functions and responsibilities in life. We have hoped and believed that our personal, financial, and health data entering through our mobile devices is automatically protected against breaching or hacker attacks.

But as we have been witnessing with shock in the news, we know that all of our personal information is open to hacking, even at the highest levels of corporate security.

To remain relevant, as well as desired to consumers and within demanding business circles, those companies which develop and offer mobile apps will need to comply with two basic categories: total cybersecurity and the ability to consolidate many functionalities within one app.

The Next Trend With Online Technology: Providing Total Security, Functionality

e-Chat Promises Total Security And Multiple Functionalities

One of the top leaders in developing an app which renders complete security, while also opening the door to multiple-task functionality, is e-Chat. (www.ico.echat.io)

The management team and developers at e-Chat knew what today’s audience was seeking, given the harsh realities of online hacking. It was this stark reality which inspired the e-Chat team to build a genuine, decentralized app with complete security capabilities. Additionally, e-Chat merges two of the most powerful spheres of online activity: financial and social.

As the first decentralized messenger app offering this financial platform, e-Chat allows their users to exchange messages with their friends, while also offering the capability of making financial transactions with them. This is because e-Chat app comes with a multi-currency, crypto wallet.

Recognizing their innovation, the e-Chat app has been highly rated  by The Next Web.

Imagine a messaging app, such as Facebook Messenger, combined with the secure capability and functionality of a multi-currency checking account of Chase bank. This is the power of the combines capabilities offered within the e-Chat platform.

Military-Grade Encryption Combines With Decentralization

The decentralized nature of the app, leveraging the highest levels of military-grade encryption, guarantees the security of personal data for their users. Decentralization ensures that no one government, financial institution, or corporation controls the user’s information.

ICO Offering from e-Chat Ends Soon

With only two days remaining to make their ICO deadline, e-Chat is offering interested individuals to purchase their ECHT tokens at $.70, which represents a 30% reduction.

As a financial opportunity, the decentralized nature and it’s military-grade encryption will win over the hearts and minds of millions of global users. Investment opportunities are offered at www.ico.echat.io.