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Why Bitcoin Is Growing In Popularity

There are many positive features of Bitcoin that attract a growing number of users to the world’s most popular digital currency.

One major draw is the ability for users to remain anonymous while conducting their transactions.

Once a user has already created an account to the Bitcoin system called the Blockchain, they can already create any number of “addresses” within that system which they can use for sales and purchases. 

New Company Adds Chat Feature

One such company that is helping users keep and spend their Bitcoins, as well as other cryptocurrencies, is eChat.io.

e-Chat has created a global social-platform and open up new opportunities for communication, photo and video sharing, as well as a revolutionary function of sending any cryptocurrency with a single click.

Another attractive feature of the virtual currency is that there is no need for a third party or a middleman to effectively complete a transaction. This is because Bitcoin users can transact directly with each other. As compared to banks, which charge their customers in withdrawing and managing their own funds, Bitcoin transactions are marginally lower when compared to bank fees.

Why Bitcoin Is Growing In Popularity

Investors & Countries Are Flocking To Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency 

For investors, the phenomenal performance of Bitcoin’s price in the financial market provides an opportunity for them to buy or sell the virtual currency for high profits.

There is a very promising future for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. For example, Australia will be growing the number of Bitcoin ATMs across their country at a time when bank closures are being reported around the nation.

These closures show that an increasing number of people are already favoring online banking and there is already a significant decline in the use of cash by consumers.

It is, indeed, interesting to see whether Bitcoin will continue its expansion in Australia and around the world in the near term.