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Why Video Will Be Your Best Branded Content

For several years, we have offered a service called “Premier Expert.” By creating professional video content, we help you to develop and deploy a simple, yet highly effective, strategy to position you as the obvious choice.

By 2019, it is estimated that over 80% of the content consumed on Facebook, the internet, social media, and all else, will be VIDEO. Small businesses are going to YouTube because of the cost-effective means to reach a wider audience. More importantly it’s an exceptional opportunity to brand their business, in a most compelling way and find advocates and brand ambassadors.

Why Video Will Be Your Best Branded Content

Fact: You need to high-quality video to stand out in today’s digital marketplace.

I have included three samples of branding videos which my team and I have created to help our clients stand out from the crowd, positioning them as the leader in their field.

Boel Acupuncture in Denmark

Dr. Dennis Jordanides, M.D. in Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Jennifer Angell, D.C in Orange County, CA

Swim Safe Swim School in Orange, CA

Purpose Of Video Content

The primary purpose of creating a video is to make the audience feel your brand. They must find something that will make them say “this brand understands my needs”. Video content can do that because people are more keen to believe things that they see and hear rather than just read.