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Your Top 3 Social Media Marketing Challenges in 2018

Your Top 3 Social Media Marketing Challenges in 2018

One: The ability to keep up: With a growing variety of tactics and tools without a single rulebook to follow, businesses are becoming overwhelmed. Most companies find themselves fatigued with too long a list of content formats, game plans and tools.

Fatigue leads to confusion, delays and non-execution.

Two: Understanding which platforms work best for your audience: Think of social media as a race where every marketer is geared to have a share of the pie. Even among social media channels, the chase toward which platform has a greater share of influence is an unpredictable battle.

Focusing on your top one or two platforms allows you to reach the audiences you want to convert into new customers.

Three: Measuring ROI: There's now an added pressure on marketers to prove the effectiveness of the strategies employed thus far and to attest a positive impact on future investments. Marketing teams now need to re-evaluate the impact their efforts have on overall business objectives, versus a focus on monetary investments made to bring those campaigns full-circle.

The ultimate goal of any marketing initiative is obtaining and keeping customers.

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