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Unemployed in Finland

I rarely write about politics but this time I have to do my share. There's a new law for the unemployed in Finland. The unemployed, starting this year, will have to get a job (paying 245 e a month) or take part in a government approved training programme (for 5 days a month) in a 3-monht-window in order not to get their benefits cut by 4,65 %.

Unemployed in Finland

It is said this new law, they call the "active model" is geopolitically unfair. It is obvious there will be more opportunities and funding in the capital area, Helsinki in Finland. Other cities and towns will fall behind on this target to employ pretty much everybody available. Also, this seems like a punishment kind of a model. Instead of just submitting open work applications, one has to be actually accepted for the work. Financially the amount the government now expects one to make in the work place is not a full-time salary but it makes me question who would take on active employment seekers who are just after the money that'd secure the benefits.

Following that news, the next question on the table is the law changing the year 2020. This new law introduced to the national press suggests an unemployed person needs to apply for at least two jobs in the time period of a month. This needs to be reported to the employment office during every week. This law has not yet been accepted but it looks like there will be more control and force on making people work for their benefits.

Personally, I have no trouble actively applying to jobs but I wish to work on my field - and there's rarely opportunities available. If I would settle to be a cleaner or work in McD's, there would be little or no problem in actually getting paid. But as a freelancer, a poet, a writer and occasional