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Why do I blog?

Blogging might take a quite a bit of time. Blogging might be like shouting in the forest: only your echo replies. Blogging might be all that – and yet rewarding. In the past 10 years I have blogged both in commercial and private domains, as a featured blogger and just for fun, I have learned the valuable lessons on learning from others, listening and sharing my story, too.

Why do I blog?

Currently most of my readers are from the USA. It’s intriguing since I have never been there – even if Hollywood and LA scenes are interesting to me and I wish to travel there one day, in the best case to work on the presentation of my movie or my book(s) to be. Anyway, I also have readers coming from India, Pakistan, Iraq, Finland, Sweden, Italy, UK and some hits from places like Australia. I take every read very seriously and do my best to follow back all my followers (just because I adopted the new system from the user friendly career platform where people generally are very generous in their follow backs). It gives a nice atmosphere: you care enough to follow, I care too.

I make no commercial affiliate posts or ad click baits in my blog. I have never considered my income would solely come from blogging. There’s no ethics to this at all, it’s just that it has never come my way to do commercials and ads and reviews on my mostly personal blog sites.

Writing is my day-time work even when I am officially unemployed. It means I keep going on some projects, a few at a time, and none pays me at this point of my work. I am available for paid commissions but whilst they don’t exactly come flying in every day, I keep busy by writing a journal, posting in a blog and also on the artist projects previously mentioned above. Blogging is a public diary kind-of-a-thing at the moment for me. I write without schedules, without a pressure to publish and completely free of any outside power telling me what I should be doing with my blog.

This is important to me.

Whilst a blogger, I can choose where it will be taking me: this blogging thing. I don’t care about the once oh-so-important stat counts or likes or follows in numbers so much anymore. Even if there’s a single soul that gets comfort, help, inspiration or any other positive vibe from my writings online, blogging including, I am happy. It gives me an another reason to be (a blogger): someone wise once said we are nothing without each other. This I can very easily be on board with.

I once wrote a poem (that will come out in my next book) saying something along the lines: I wish one day a little girl would find this book/and be happy again. This would take place after my death since I believe the life of a book is at least a 100 years – even if a blog post might only be relevant or up to date for the next 5 minutes.

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#6 I have WordPress and we are following each other. My blog-

Eeva Maria al-Khazaali 11/1/2018 · #6

#4 thank you. I'm sure to follow you back if you have Wordpress!

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#3 thanks for asking! My debut was a love story in prose poetry, my next one is going to be poetry collection about being an artist and finding your inspiration.


Nice post. You blog for the right reasons. I am following your WordPress blog.

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@Eeva Maria Al-Khazaali Thats the best way to look at it, inspire to get inspire. Positive autocatalism.

Whats your book is about ?

Eeva Maria al-Khazaali 10/1/2018 · #2

#1 that's the best policy!

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Make your own rules , no stress