Ekaterina Novoseltseva en Designers, Web Designers, Web Designers 31/5/2016 · 4 min de lectura · +600

UX designers have higher degree of responsibility in 2016

User Experience is one of the buzzwords this year. All successful companies started to be leaders in their industries not only because of the brilliant ideas and smart business models but also because of the customer-centric approach, designing not only cool and beautiful websites & apps, but platforms that fully satisfy customer needs and make it easy for them to interact with the brand. Now almost everyone knows what is UX and in 2016 just being a web or app designer is not enough, now companies search for UX designers, who would not only create beautifully designed platforms, but platforms that would increase conversion rate and enhance customer satisfaction & loyalty.

In 2016 we can finally see UX designers being given higher degrees of responsibility within organizations. User experience is not a differentiator anymore, it is a necessity, I would say even a must.

Nowadays every company should have at least one professional in charge of user experience of its products and services or work with UX design outsourcing companies, like Apiumtech. Why ? If you will study your customer’s’ journey, you will see that the major part of it is online and key touchpoint with the brand in on your website or app.

Marketers can do everything they can to bring clients to the company’s web & app, they can include elements of trust by putting testimonials, logos of the clients, projects, case studies, demo’s etc but the user flow, CTA buttons and the location of them is the responsibility of UX designers that track the results of usability studies, eye tracking, heat map analysis and many more to improve the design and make the interaction with the brand easier and more