Top 5 most expensive refrigerators

There are many expensive refrigerators, but unfortunately expensive - not always good. We know this, so we will not list the most expensive models. In this rating, we will include expensive, but good refrigerators, about which customers respond positively in the reviews.

1 - Liebherr SBSes 8283Top 5 most expensive refrigerators

A solid and very expensive refrigerator worth $ 5,000. This is a Side by Side model, there are 2 compressors, a defrosting of the No Frost type, a large total volume of chambers (491 litres), as well as many different useful functions such as super-freezing and supercooling.

2 - Samsung RF905KLAHV

A refrigerator costs about 3,000 dollars. As it should be, this is a large refrigerator with a total chamber volume of 819 litres, electronic control and the No Frost defrost system. All necessary functions are attached.

It is convenient to use and very roomy refrigerator. It is made soundly, the interior space is thought out perfectly, including the location of shelves and baskets. Inside the bright light, there is a function of antibacterial processing.

3 - Panasonic NR-F555TX-N8

The cost of a refrigerator from Panasonic - $ 2,300. Unlike previous ones, there are as many as 5 cameras. But other characteristics are standard for models for such a price: a large volume of chambers (467 litres), a system of defrosting No Frost and other functionality.

There are many reviews and they are positive. Functional, quality of work and assembly, the presence of an ice generator - these are the main advantages of the device. This is a smart refrigerator, which, moreover, works silently. But if breakdowns happen, then on the website there are detailed instructions on how to fix them.

4 - Liebherr CBNes 3957.

This refrigerator costs 2100 dollars. Here electronic control, defrosting system But frost and the total volume of the chambers 321 litres. Actually, no wonder - quite the standard parameters of a refrigerator for a similar price.

5 - Samsung RSG5FURS4.0

It is unlikely that this refrigerator can be called the most expensive, but in its price category, it is one of the best. This device costs $ 1,700 and has all the parameters that a refrigerator should have for such money: No Frost defrosting system, electronic control, side by side type - 2 cameras with a total volume of 637 litres.

This is the perfect fridge for a large family in the first place thanks to the large cameras. With all this, it is made of high-quality plastic and its assembly is reliable. When working produces a minimum of noise. However, only 1 compressor is used here, and it may not be enough for a long service life to provide a temperature in two large chambers. In any case, customers are satisfied with the purchase of this device, so we recommend it to you.

In our rating, we tried to select the 5 most expensive models to facilitate the task for the buyer.