Know the Truth: 10 Common Myths About Sleep You Should Know

Know the Truth: 10 Common Myths About Sleep You Should Know

Most of the time a lot of people have a difficult time when falling asleep. Although a lot of factors contribute to difficulty in sleeping, several people attribute these problems to some common myths that have existed for a long time.

These myths are widely believed by almost everyone around the world, that some of them have become grounds to build a life around. These tales have become habits that a lot of people readily accept in their daily activities. For you to know the truth, here are some of those myths about sleeping.

Eight Hours Of Sleep Is Great

Most people already have heard from credible sources that a person needs an average of 8 hours of sleep per day. However, more recent studies have shown that 8 hours is excessive and that seven hours is the right amount of time that a person should sleep. The study then goes on to say that those who sleep seven hours a day are more likely to live longer than those who sleep on eight.

Excessively long hours of sleep is unnatural and maybe a sign of severe conditions such as diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. People who these conditions suffer from sleep apnea. The duration of their sleep is long, some rest even up to 12 hours a day. Always consult your doctor when you have these problems.

Sleep And Drinks

You see it everywhere, even on TV, where an actor or actress drinks their way to sleep. A shot of that favorite liquor of yours may make you feel drowsy at first, but it’ll have a lot of consequences on you later on. Those who do it on a constant basis end up waking up several times during the night with their sleep cycle being disturbed all the time.

A lot of people even make a dangerous cocktail of washing down sleeping pills with liquor. This practice is dangerous because alcohol can cause untoward reactions with a specific medication.

People often experience blackouts and changes in behavior. Alcohol is also known to depress the muscles in certain parts of your body which make breathing difficult.

Sleeping Pills Are Good For You

Don’t fall into the trap of trying out sleeping pills unless prescribed by a licensed physician. These medicines can profoundly alter the chemical processes and levels in your brain causing you to become addicted to some of these medications. Dependence on these kinds of drugs is very dangerous. Aside from the side effects such as drowsiness and blacking out, sleeping overdoses are often fatal.

Working Before Bedtime Helps You Sleep Better

There is a common advice that most people often give out for those who have a difficulty sleeping during their regular sleeping hours that they need to watch t.v. or work on something on their laptop. Although this strange routine works for some, it’ll be disastrous for them in the future.

Working routinely becomes harmful because it will only contribute to your difficulties in sleeping in your bedroom. Working or doing something else other than sleeping and sex in your bed can lead to your brain into thinking that your room is a workplace.

Snoring Is Harmless

Snoring is safe unless it’s loud and frequent. It’s noisy, it’s annoying, and it’s a huge concern if you snore loudly and frequently. According to a study done in 2005, almost 33 percent of adults in America alone snore practically every night.

However, when it comes to the volume and frequency of snoring, people should have cause for concern. Chronic snoring is a sign of having high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Worse, it’s a symptom of a dangerous condition known as obstructive sleep apnea.

Insomnia Is All About Difficulty In Sleeping

Having a hard time sleeping is but one of four symptoms associated with insomnia. Frequent awakenings during sleep, waking up tired, and waking up too early and unable to fall back asleep, are the other three symptoms of the condition. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is advisable that you see a doctor and receive treatment for the problem.

Old People Should Sleep Less

According to sleep experts, you need at least seven hours of sleep to be healthy. Yes, it is true that our sleep patterns change as we get old, but we should still stick to the seven-hour sleep routine. Older people sleep needs should be no less than younger adults. If old people sleep less at night, they should fill that gap during the day.

Eating Cheese Before Sleep Gives You Nightmares

There is an old, persistent sleep myth that still plagues our daily life: that eating cheese before going to bed gives you nightmares.

There may be a sort of explanation regarding the myth, especially to those people who take a particular type of antidepressant known as Monoamine oxidase inhibitor while also eating cheese which contains tyramine.

When taken at the same time, this may cause severe reactions, but there is still no scientific link that proves that eating cheese causes nightmares.

Dreams Only Come During REM Sleep

REM is a phenomenon that happens during sleep. Discovered by Aserinsky and Kleitman in 1953, most people now know that when you wake up during REM stage, you will recall your dreams most vividly.

However, it is not only in REM stage when dreaming happens. There is also another condition called hypnagogic state in which dreaming occurs.

A Soft Mattress Will Help You Sleep Better

A soft mattress may feel comfortable for a particular type of sleeper, but it will not be the same for everybody. In fact, there are various types of mattresses for different types of sleepers. There is innerspring, airbed, waterbed, latex, and foam mattresses as options for you to get that good night sleep.


It is essential to know these sleep myths for you to be able to tell the difference between what is truth and lie. As many people will say, a little knowledge is dangerous. Before believing something, you should first determine if it has a scientific proof or not, especially when it comes to a no-joke topic such as sleeping.

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