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An Abandoned Phoenix or A Forgotten Palm Tree?

Scouting for picturesque hidden gems of Cyprus, i.e., literally poring through Google and Openstreet maps, led me to the discovery that made my skin prickle with excitement. You know how hunting dog suddenly freezes with concentration before charging ahead? That was me looking at some random satellite image. Was I mistaken or was this really an outline of an abandoned site? Bingo! As it turned out, I stumbled upon Foinikas, one of the most famous abandoned villages of Cyprus.

An Abandoned Phoenix or A Forgotten Palm Tree?

We went there in early spring. Old almond trees in full bloom and an abundant cover of emerald green grass beautifully mixed with yellow shades of ruins.

Foinikas knows how to make an impression. It is a very photogenic site.  No matter from what side you are approaching, the views are stunning.

The oldest part of the village still eerily retains the shape of fortification. The outer wall is partially intact. The inner courtyard is there. All buildings were built entirely out of stone. Their thick walls combined with the elevated position above the river would discourage any potential attack.

Some stone stairways are still visible. A few remaining windows and doors provide a hint of how houses used to look. A part of the ceiling, an internal wall, and a partial roof are clearly visible. However, the ground is covered by knee-high vegetation making it impossible to decipher what lies beneath. Frankly, you would have to heavily rely on your imagination to mentally reconstruct this ancient Knights Templar stronghold.

Click here to find out how to get there and browse through the remaining pictures of Foinikas.

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Beautiful site!

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