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Portugal: things you want to know, but not sure who to ask

Like a perfect dish, Portugal has the magic mix of ingredients that makes it irresistible. Hospitable unassuming people, fascinating, albeit controversial at times, history, rich and intricate culture, yummy food and great wines. It is the land that would make any aspiring photographer swoon and go into overdrive. It is also surprisingly affordable. Thus, Portugal is the ideal country for slow travel.

Portugal: things you want to know, but not sure who to ask

Coming to any new place is a bit intimidating. Staying there for a prolonged period of time could be challenging. Ideally, your host acts as a conduit for any local information. Sometimes, for whatever reason, it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, life happens. You may get sick and need a doctor. Your hair gets out of control and needs a trim. Even trash collection may present a problem (don’t laugh it happens more often than you think).

I was clueless about how things worked in Portugal when we came there. I appreciated any help and advice I could get from locals but also turned every digital stone so to speak in search of any relevant information. I ended up with a list of online resources that helped me survive and enjoy the country. I am going to share it with you hoping that it would allow you to save precious time.

It is important to note that this list is not about what to see and do in Lisbon or Portugal. This is not a visitor guide. You need to look somewhere else for this kind of recommendations. There are plenty of websites and blogs offering this information. That said, there is a small section where I provide links to local tourism authorities websites.

Since we stayed near Lisbon, the majority of links are about the capital area. The list is a work in progress. If you have a useful resource that is missing, send it my way. I’ll be happy to review and add it to the appropriate section (or create a new one).

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