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Getting Your Bond Back: 5 End of Lease Cleaning Tips

If you’ve decided to move out and you’re really counting on getting your bond back, then you should eliminate all the possible reasons why your landlord might keep it. Among the top reasons are rent arrears, when you don’t pay your rent by the due time, any damages caused by the tenant and lack of proper cleaning. So, to minimise the chances of your landlord keeping your bond, you should try to leave the apartment in a perfect condition. Here are some end of lease cleaning tips that will leave your apartment spotlessly clean.

Getting Your Bond Back: 5 End of Lease Cleaning Tips

Act as if you were moving in

The best way to have an objective view of the apartment is to pretend as if you were about to move in. Remember when you were actually moving in and all the changes you wanted to make to make your living space better and cleaner. Do a thorough check, don’t miss any corner and leave no stones unturned. If you have the photos of the apartment from the day you moved in, compare them to the current condition of the space. Are there any spots that have deteriorated over time? If there are, is it your fault or is it just due to wear and tear? The answer will help you decide whether you’re the one who should take care of the damages or not. Additionally, at the beginning of your lease, you’ve probably did a review and signed a condition report regarding the property. Don’t forget to check the report and makes sure that the property condition meets all the agreed points.

Keep mess and clutter under control

If you don’t clean on a regular basis, clutter in your apartment or home will keep building up, and you’ll spend days cleaning it up. Instead, you should take care of any accidents and minimise clutter as you go. For example, if you spill something, don’t wait until the stain sets to clean it up, but act immediately to remove it. The same goes for other possible damages – the sooner you clean them up, the less time and money it will cost you. You can even get a dehumidifier or incorporate plants into your living space, to keep it fresh and clean. Finally, if you decide to adopt a pet, check with your landlord first, or clean after your pet immediately. Don’t let it shed its hair for weeks because it will take you days to remove it from your furniture.

Take care of small fixes yourself

Instead of leaving some damages for your landlord to take care of, why don’t you try to fix them? For example, if a leg of your landlord’s coffee table has fallen off, try to fix it yourself rather than letting your land