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Most bizarre personal injury cases ever

Personal injury cases take place in courtrooms across the country each day, and more often than not – they are tragic and sad cases of individuals whose mental, physical or emotional health was damaged due a particular cause. Sometimes, the sued situations do have a strong case while other times they tend to be as ridiculous as you might suggest. Anyhow, the world of personal injury law is shaped and defined each day with new suits, and whoever is intending to win a case should rely on litigation experts and their support.

We’re giving you some of the most bizarre personal injury cases that have caught our attention.

Sue the Sandwich

Most bizarre personal injury cases ever

Not every day do you find a knife baked into your sandwich bun, now do you? A New York man sued a restaurant shop because he found a 7 inch plastic knife in his sub. Luckily, the knife didn’t do any severe physical damage to him; he was left with stomach issues three hours after the incident and did cut himself a little bit, but he didn’t swallow the knife or hurt himself seriously.

In his $1,000,000 lawsuit, the guy claimed he contracted food poisoning from the knife which, apparently, was filthy.

Donuts Always Matter

Apparently, having a sweet tooth will cost you. While transporting a child to the hospital for minor injuries, an ambulance driver in Houston stopped at a doughnut shop to grab some doughnuts. Subsequently, the mother of the child sued the ambulance company for negligence. Surprisingly, the ambulance driver took matters into his own hands and filed a counter suit – he sued the city of Houston for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Whoever thought donuts are that big of a deal.

Most bizarre personal injury cases ever

Trains Can Be Sued Too

The city of New York had to cough up $14.1 million to a woman who attempted to commit suicide but failed. Apparently, the woman was lying on the subway tracks until a passing train would run her over; once the train came, it only injured her instead of killing her. The state Supreme Court sided with her pain and the city paid. Apparently, with a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer to help you out, you can win virtually any case.

All the Breast Implants

Back in the 1980s, when breast implant technology was just hitting the mainstream, things weren’t as advanced as they are today. In fact, a rather bad reputation followed the trend due to cases involving implants leaking or even rupturing. As a result, various doctors, hospitals and other medical staff as well as implant manufacturers were faced with lawsuits when thousands of breast implant patients banded together. Millions of dollars were paid out as a result of the faulty implant technology.

Hot Coffee Incident

We do love our coffee hot, but we don’t like it spilt in our lap!

Most bizarre personal injury cases ever

This suit is one of the most famous personal injury cases of all time, involving Stella Liebeck. Ordering a coffee through the drive-thru of the McDonald’s, Liebeck went to the pick-up window to get it, but the coffee was spilled in her lap. The poor woman suffered severe burns to her legs and groin, which prompting her to sue the fast food company. Liebeck was awarded almost $700,000 by the jury but the case was eventually settled for an undisclosed amount.