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Most Common Bathroom Issues That Require You to Call a Pro

Every responsible homeowner has to take care of their bathroom plumbing system to avoid catastrophic damage and money loss. However, home plumbing can often be quite complicated, especially for people who never had formal training or prior experience with plumbing. To make things worse, there are dozens of problems that can occur with your pipes, from small ones you can take care of yourself with only a few tools to those that require professional assistance. When it comes to the latter, here are the five most common bathroom issues that should be looked at by a certified plumber.

Most Common Bathroom Issues That Require You to Call a Pro

Low water pressure

One of the most common and annoying issues is certainly low water pressure. This pain-in-the-neck issue can make everyday bathroom tasks, such as showering and filling the sink, very time-consuming and unnerving. Low pressure is usually caused by a partially closed main valve or water valve meter. However, there’s another suspect in this issue—old and corroded pipes! If faulty pipes are your problem, make sure to call a professional. This fix is very difficult and can result in additional pipe and bathroom damage if it’s not conducted properly.

Pipe leaks

If you often find yourself with wet socks after visiting the toilet or cleaning water from the corners of your bathroom, you might have a leak in your pipes. However, this plumbing issue can carry many more problems than wet socks. Leaky pipes can actually result in extensive water damage and cause your water bill to go through the roof! Most leaks appear at pipe joints that can be temporarily fixed with a joint filler mass. But, if you want a more permanent solution that will hold well, you better call your plumber. Professionals can handle all your annoying bathroom leaks and ensure your floors, ceilings and feet stay warm and dry! This is always the best option, especially if you have a persistent leak that has been there since you can remember.

Persistent drips

We’re all probably more than familiar with how annoying a constant drip-drip-drip from the faucet can be. This is usually an easy fix, but if it persists and won’t stop no matter what you do, you should call a professional. A persistent drip often means that your washer from the faucet has been damaged or corroded and it’s allowing water to escape even when the faucet is off. If you have the right tools and experience, you might be able to replace the washer yourself, but most people don’t have either. However, it’s a very easy job for professionals, so don’t hesitate to call them. They will save you from the unnerving dripping sound and even lower your water bill.

Plugged drains or slow draining

Slow running drains or plugs can be a real bother, but with a little help of the plunger, drain snake and some commercial or homemade solutions, you can often unplug them without breaking a sweat. However, if your sink, shower or bathtub don’t unplug after your best efforts, it’s time to call the pros. Trying too hard can result in pipe damage, which is a much more serious problem.

Strange smells

Okay, the bathroom is often no stranger to yucky smells, but if you notice a sudden hit of rotten eggs, you should call your emergency plumber STAT! This strange smell might mean you have a broken sewer pipe or vent under your property. Aside from the gross odor, burst vents or pipes can ruin your foundation or cause an environmental disaster.

As you can see, the bathroom plumbing system isn’t something you should mess with. Unprofessionally conducted pipe fixes can cause even more damage and result in many future problems and expenses. So, always have a number of a professional with you and don’t hesitate to dial it.