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Most Sought-after Home Designs

If you’re trying to buy a home, you’re in for a lot of paper work and a lot of decision making. One of the most elusive ones is actually a decision you would have to live with the longest. What kind of design you want for your home is pretty hard to change once you’ve settled on one, unless you're willing to remodel completely. Also have in mind that it’s not only about what’s trendy right now, but also about what’s going to age well in the years (or decades) to come.

Here’re a couple of designs that are especially interesting:

Most Sought-after Home Designs

Cottage style

This style is mostly recognizable by a large front porch. The houses are a bit smaller and have 1920s vibe about them. Cottage homes are usually described as cozy and rustic, which may lead people to believe that they’re too small and crowded. This definitely isn’t the case, because that sense of warmth can be accomplished without losing any of the modern day comforts. Materials used in making these homes are mostly natural – meaning wood, brick, stone, and in some cases, even cob, which is great for those with environmentalist concerns.

Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style homes are reminiscent of Italian, French and Spanish influences. They often have a red low pitched roof and are very focused on patios, verandas and other outdoor extensions. Usually finished in stucco - these homes have few details on the facade. Columns, arched windows and wrought-iron balconies are also a common touch. The rooms are large and floor plans are open, which allows for easy circulation (and therefore a lot of options for decorating). Elaborate gardens, back yards or pools also accompany homes designed in this style.

Most Sought-after Home Designs

Modern style

Modern style originated in the 50s and the 60s and is characterized by large horizontal windows and flat or roofs with lower slope. These homes are an extension of horizontal landscape and a culture that almost fetishizes automobiles and being connected to the world. This makes them look slick, clean and a bit futuristic. Materials used to make modern style homes can wary from natural to highly industrial and high tech. According to experts from AMT Homes, floor plans for modern style should be open and often unusual (for instance focusing on one room which is a center of activity).

Craftsman style

This style has become popula