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Overnight Camping Gear Must-Haves

Going out into the wilderness in order to rekindle one’s connection to the nature is a great idea. Unfortunately, a lot of people take this notion only half way through. Going to the park is still not good enough and neither is going on a two hours long field trip. In order to really feel the warm embrace of the mother earth, you need to spend some time in the wilderness and this means camping. Still, it is one thing to just grab your hiking gear and a completely another to find the right overnight camping equipment. With this in mind, here are few overnight camping gear must-haves.

Overnight Camping Gear Must-Haves

Basic Navigation Gear

Anyone who has ever watched The Blair Witch project knows just how dangerous, getting lost in the woods can be. Even without the supernatural elements, the idea that you don’t know where you are going is quite upsetting. First thing you would obviously need is a GPS, however, this piece of tech isn’t 100 percent reliable. Sometimes in the deep wilderness you won’t have the signal or the internet and when that happens, your safest bet would be to just carry a compass and a map in your backpack. In the end, for every serious camper, it is always advisable to learn a thing or two about orientation. Naturally, at night this is done quite easily by learning few of the basic constellations.

Night Vision Equipment

In the previous part, we covered some basics of camper’s navigation. Still, these items are not overnight camping specific. Orientation is as important during the nighttime as it is during the day. However, it is completely impossible to orient when you don’t see where you are going. Luckily, this is quite easily fixed with a set of night vision googles. Seeing how this is pretty much standard camping item, the choices are quite numerous. If you need some help making up your mind on which ones to buy, you can always look up a night vision goggles review and make some comparisons.

Tent and Fire

Next thing you need to worry about is the choice of the right tent for your needs. Naturally, these vary by size and the material they are made of, but also on their composition. There are the traditional A-frame tents, modified A-frame tents, tunnel tents, hoop tents and ever popular dome tents. The last one is favorite among family and group campers since it allows the most space.

Apart from the tent, those planning to stay in an overnight camping trip need to bring something which will help them ignite the fire. This usually means lighter or waterproof matches. However, starting the fire is not the only thing a conscientious camper thinks about, putting it out matters as well. Make sure to always have a bucket of water and a shovel by your side and don’t leave the campsite until you are completely sure that it won’t reignite on its own.

Overnight Camping Gear Must-Haves


Finally, it would be outright irresponsible to go out on an overnight camping trip without at least some mean of illumination. Sure, night vision googles are great, but there is no reason to wear them at the camp. Make sure to always have a flashlight or a headlight by your side just in case. While the campfire is burning, it will provide enough illumination, but when it goes out you can’t just restart it in a second. Luckily, the same cannot be said for the flashlight.


The aforementioned is no more than the tip of the iceberg of all you are supposed to take on an overnight stay at any camping location. Some may argue that we forgot to mention a first-aid kit, but then again this is something you should have on your side in the wilderness no matter how long you stay. If at the end of your preparation you deem that you have more room left for additional items, you can let your imagination run wild.