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The Unforgettable Experience: Have You Ever Seen Pacific Islands?

Many people have a completely wrong idea of the Pacific – they imagine it as an endless blue body of water that stretches across the third of the planet with a few volcanic islands strewn about here and there. However, this idea could not be further from the truth. In fact, the Pacific Ocean is dotted with countless tropical havens, islets and atolls, and it is a true treasure trove of surprises for every adventure-thirsty traveler. If you’ve ever yearned to visit this paradise, the only question that requires answering is – have you ever seen these Pacific islands?

The epic landscapes of Vanuatu

The Unforgettable Experience: Have You Ever Seen Pacific Islands?

Vanuatu is not nearly as lauded as its other tropical counterparts – New Caledonia and Fiji. However, it is not due to a lack of irresistible attributes. It simply did not get its chance in the global “latest hot destination” limelight, but for all of you avid travelers this should only be a plus. This epic archipelago is renowned enough for its breathtaking landscapes, rich biosphere and incredible landmarks. If you are looking for a Pacific island where you can embark on a search for a secluded, postcard-worthy beach that you can call your own, then this is the destination for you. After all, the archipelago consists of a whopping 83 islands, all ripe for conquering.

Furthermore, it is markedly more affordable than some other lauded destination, which makes it the ideal backdrop for a family vacation filled with fun and kid-friendly activities.  The small but undeniably charming capital of Vanuatu – Port Villa – is a bustling little community always filled with welcoming residents and eager families from every corner of the globe. However, the real selling point of this archipelago, the Mystery Island, deserves a spot of its own.

The surreal beauty of Mystery Island

You’ll never see the shallows explode in every shade of blue as you will once your water taxi or your cruise ship approaches the secret gem of Vanuatu – Mystery Island. The island itself is small enough to retain its beauties, as tourists cannot overwhelm it in large numbers, but it is still large enough to offer a surprising number of activities that can fill up a day. This is the perfect spot for snorkel safaris as the surrounding waters are crystal clear. Aquatic activities abound and landlocked pleasures include the unforgettable massage hut.

The endless possibilities