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Thermostats are the future of energy efficiency

The simplest solution for temperature regulation in the room are manually operated radiator valves.

Energy saving in household useThermostats are the future of energy efficiency

Fitting of heating bodies with regulating equipment is the condition of comfortable and efficient use of the radiator heating system. It helps to change the consumption of a heat carrier through a radiator or a convector, which allows to get the necessary air temperature in the room. Regulating of heat carrier flow can be performed:

- manually in dependence on the air temperature in the room (if thermostatic head is available);

- automatically by the room thermostat or by the block of communal automatics (if servomechanism is available).

The simplest energy efficient solution for temperature regulation in the room is using of manually operated radiator valves. But their use demands constant assistance of the occupants who take control and adjust the settings of comfortable microclimate in a house by themselves. The weather outside sometimes changes significantly during the day and it is just impractical to keep track of it. In this case the use of thermostatic radiator valves is an optimal solution. They allow to manage the heat carrier flow in manual as well as in automatic mode. In the latter variant the valves are completed with thermostatic head (regulation is performed in correspondence with the air temperature in the room) or with servomechanism driven by the room thermostat or heating controller. The use of thermostatic valves with thermoheads (thermoregulators) allows to support air temperature automatically in the rooms at the target level with accuracy to 1 ̊C. The set of necessary sanitary equipment for radiators includes adjusting (shutoff balancing) valves. Their presence allows to turn off the heating body when necessary without discharging the heat carrier out of the system.