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I Am More

I Am More

I'm a newBee, (thank you @MSweetwood for finding and following me on Twitter) and having read and enjoyed many articles already I thought it was about time to introduce myself and share my story, or its prelude as @Jim-Murray says.

But that poses its own problem, it would suggest a beginning, a middle and an end with one continuous theme. I am more than that. I am more than one business or job. I am Liz, Lizzie or Elizabeth, whichever you choose, but I am not just a job.

Maybe that is how some people live their life. I don't. I don't have one vocation. I don't have one skill. I'm not an indoors person, I'm not an outside person - I like both depending on my mood or the weather.

I like it here on BeBee, I feel I can be myself, all of myself, every season that I am.

I will begin here in Producer by sharing the part of my history that has helped me earn a living but I am so much more than that and I will share that too from time to time. I think this is the right place for that.

Have you worked at one career all your life? I haven't. I haven't even worked in an office all my life but I've had a great time and it has given me insight. When I worked in an office maybe some of my co-workers had worked in a bar or in a shop whilst studying, but how many of them have worked peeling vegetables in a small warehouse unit through the night, or had their own window and office cleaning business aged 18, then sell that and go be a receptionist working for a solicitor? 

Why would I do that? Because back then being a secretary was glamorous. It involved red nail polish, cream blouses and removing a clip-on earring every time you answered the phone. It seemed like the ultimate job for a young woman.

So I was a receptionist, then an administrator, then a secretary, then a PA and ended up a property management administrator then ... I got married moved to a semi-rural area, sacked office work for a while and went back to window cleaning which I have loved. It rained even more than usual last winter so out came the laptop and now I have a typing business too but I don't like standing still so I'm intending to market that part of myself as a VA.

Being a VA I am told that I need to niche down, but must we be in a niche? In a world where we can explore every variety and have so much choice why would we want to be the same as everyone else in our "niche"? I like variety and after all

isn't niche just a marketing tool? 

I've worked for some great guys in the past but none of them have really fitted in a niche either. The main thing they've had in common has been a drive to do what they do in their own way. I can't say they thought "outside the box" because really I don't think they even knew the box existed. That is probably what has made them great to work for and interesting. Interesting and challenging. They challenged me and I got better. I found I could do more than I thought.

So this is some of me, I love yellow, have climbed Snowdon 3 times and slept on a beach overnight. I thought I wasn't the creative sort until I tried crochet and find that I am. I don't always understand things and may seem to contradict myself from time to time as I think things through.

I enjoy life and I enjoy working. When one enables the other, I'm happy.

There is more to come, more for me to share, more for me to learn and understand. One thing I do know is that I am not alone in being more than one thing. We are all more.

Liz, Lizzie, Elizabeth - you choose

Any likes and shares I really appreciate and I am especially grateful to those who are following me already.

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#21 Thank you @Joel Anderson

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Welcome Elizabeth. Enjoy and make a difference.

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#13 Thank you @Cepee Tabibian

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#10 Thank you @Mohammed A. Jawad for such a lovely welcome and kind comments. It was so much more than I expected.

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#9 Thank you @Lisa Gallagher it is indeed and there is so much available to us. Thank you for the follow too.

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#8 Thank you @Sushmita Thakare Jain looking forward to reading your posts too.

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#6 Thank you @Matt Sweetwood I really appreciate that, and the shares too. And I really do thank you for finding me on Twitter. BeBee certainly is a network with a difference.

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#5 Thank you @Paul Walters I will indeed.